IR Calendar

Quiet Period

The Company has a "quiet period" which is 3 weeks prior to the announcement of financial results so as to prevent the leak of financial information and ensure the fairness of information disclosure. Please note that the Company refrains from IR activities and cannot make any comments, or answer any questions, on earnings results and forecasts during this quiet period.

IR Calendar

IR Calendar

FY Ending March 31, 2023

April 28 (Thursday) Release of Financial Report (FY ended March 31, 2022)
April 28 (Thursday) Release of Management Plan 2022
May 10 (Tuesday) FY2021 Investors Meeting
May 10 (Tuesday) FY2022 Information Meeting
June 28 (Tuesday) General meeting of shareholders
July (scheduled) Release of Investors' Data Book
July 27 (scheduled) Release of 1st Quarter Financial Report (FY ending March 31, 2023)
September (scheduled) Release of Chubu Electric Power Group Report (Integrated Report) / Annual Report
Late in October (scheduled) Release of 2nd Quarter Financial Report (FY ending March 31, 2023)
Early in November (scheduled) 2nd Quarter FY2022 Investors Meeting
Late in January (scheduled) Release of 3rd Quarter Financial Report (FY ending March 31, 2023)
Late in March (scheduled) Release of Management Plan 2023

Please note that the above schedule is subject to change.

FY Ended March 31, 2022

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