Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

January 2020 Regular Press Conference : President Katsuno's Message

January 31, 2020
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • Today, I would like to focus my comments on the healthcare sector as pertains to:
  • Initiatives for construction of Community Support Infrastructure

Efforts to construct Community Support Infrastructure

  • In our management vision, we pledged to deliver high-quality energy safely, stably and at a reasonable price as well as provide “new forms of communities” as a new growth area that will serve as a starting point for resolution of various social issues.
  • Within that context and underpinned by the concepts of digitization, customer-centered service and low carbon society, we have utilized the current electric power supply system, which realizes “S+3E (energy security, environmental conservation, economic efficiency, and safety)” along with information communication networks and the latest digital technology as we have advanced initiatives leading to the creation of Community Support Infrastructure that contributes to the resolution of issues facing our customers, the region, and communities.
  • Systems that collect and analyze disparate pools of data are essential to providing these “new forms of community” and we are considering two approaches, “on-grid” and “off-grid,” according to information source.
  • The “on-grid” approach makes use of data available from smart meters, utility poles and other electrical power infrastructure, and the “off-rid” approach utilizes data from mobile terminals as well as cameras, sensors and other devices set up in homes and does not pass over the electrical power infrastructure.
  • Some specific examples of the “on-grid” approach include verification and implementation of services supporting safety and security, such as the “mimamori-pole” service for community crime prevention, and automatic meter reading with smart meter communication technology interfacing electricity, gas and water.
  • In addition, some specific examples of the “off-grid” approach are “Dokonyan” and “Connected Homes,” services that make watching over families and homes as well as living more convenient with IoT terminals.
  • We are well aware that Chubu Electric Power, telecommunications operators, IT businesses, as well as a variety of companies crossing over from other industries are engaged in the provision of services such as these that utilize a diverse range of data and the competition is intensifying.
  • Nevertheless, within this competitive environment, we believe that our strength is the capability to offer a combination of services that make use of both “on-grid” and “off-grid” data together with our energy services.
  • In particular, we foresee greater social need for these types of services that employ both “on-grid” and “off-grid” data in the healthcare sector as the population ages and there is a greater proportion of the elderly in society.
  • Appropriately, we have decided to conduct a joint study with Keio University Hospital to make use of home-care patient monitoring data and at-home medical data.
  • This joint study will use Chubu Electric Power’s data platform to acquire data on power consumption and patients’ heartrate while sleeping, then report this information to physicians so as to study the types of data necessary for early detection of illnesses as well as for providing optimal advice about appropriate environments and lifestyles.
  • Moreover, we have formed a capital and business alliance to develop new services with Medical Data Card Inc., which provides services for consolidating and managing medical and health data.
  • Patients consulting healthcare facilities that have adopted Medical Data Card, Inc.’s services are able to use a smart phone application to centrally manage and utilize medical information such as blood tests, prescriptions and other data.
  • We are looking at combining these two initiatives to develop services such as the construction of a platform for interactive communication between patients and physicians that will aid in the provision of guidance to patients managing lifestyle diseases and prevent more serious complications. With these services, we hope to contribute toward a society in which everyone in the community has easier access to the benefits of medical services.
  • Although my comments today were focused on the healthcare sector, Chubu Electric Power will further accelerate the creation of Community Support Infrastructure as we seek to both provide solutions to social issues and increase revenue at the same time by packaging these services developed together with energy and delivering both to our customers.
  • This ends my presentation.

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