Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

May 2023 Regular Press Conference : President Hayashi's Message

May 23, 2023
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • I will be discussing the following matters today:
    • Human resources strategy of the Chubu Electric Power Group

Human resources strategy of the Chubu Electric Power Group

  • The three Chubu Electric Power companies newly established the Human Resource Strategy Office last April and has been reviewing the materialization of various measures under the concept, “the growth and active roles of each and every one of our human resources is the essence of actual corporate value,” to realize Management Vision 2.0.
  • In reviewing the human resources strategy, first, it is necessary to consider the changes in the business environment of the Chubu Electric Power Group.
  • We currently face a cataclysmic turning point in the Group’s 70 years of history that we have walked with our customers and the society.
  • Please let me introduce our human resources strategy that we have developed to simultaneously achieve our unchanging mission to deliver good-quality energy and create new values that adapt to the changing environment, under such circumstances.
  • We have reviewed the human resources strategy to not only adapt to the rapidly changing environment but also adapt to changes in the social environment encompassing human resources.
  • We will develop and introduce measures based on the fact that the relationship between the company and employees has become more equal in general, with both sides choosing and being chosen by the other; the organization has adopted a flat structure rich in diversity, not only the conventional uniform pyramid structure; and employees value balance between their work life and personal life more than work-centered life as they are oriented toward self-fulfillment and growth.
  • I would like to explain the image we want to achieve through our human resources strategy.
  • The Chubu Electric Power Group hopes to simultaneously achieve our unchanging mission and create new values, which contribute to sustainable development of the local community and society, by having various human resources work in a wider field. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to create a system and environment in which every one of our human resources can exercise their abilities to the fullest in accordance with their life events and career stages, and in which the company and employees can mutually enhance each other's skills and abilities.
  • Next, I would like to talk about the overall picture of the human resources strategy in achieving such image.
  • The human resources strategy of the three Chubu Electric Power companies materializes two pillars: one to secure and develop diverse human resources and the other to have each of those human resources exercise their abilities to the fullest.
  • The first pillar is to “create an environment where diverse human resources can play an active role”.
  • In specific, we are developing various measures that aim for “diversity” and “new ways of working”, with “safety” and “health” initiatives as top priority in corporate management.
  • Recent initiatives include introducing wearable terminals from two years ago and holding various health promotion events that utilize such terminals, in order to develop an environment where employees are mentally and physically healthy and can work actively.
  • We would like to further expand measures that not only prevent diseases in advance but also let employees stay healthy throughout their lives.
  • Additionally, we are developing a work system where employees can flexibly work to enhance their comfort in working.
  • This includes introducing a highly flexible system such as promptly revising parts of the childcare leave system in line with the legal amendment last year to set the childcare leave period longer than the statutory period, as well as enabling to work even during one’s leave.
  • 43% of the male employees who took childcare leave have utilized the new system in six months since its introduction, which promotes balance between work and childcare and largely contributes to the enhancement of work-life balance.
  • Based on creating such environment where diverse human resources can take an active role, we are working on the second pillar of “supporting employees who challenge to self-improve”.
  • In order to adapt to the rapidly changing business environment, it is important for each and every employee, who is the driving force, to continue to autonomously and voluntarily improve themselves.
  • Self-improvement is to think about your career and achieve growth and success beyond the trajectory of your seniors through autonomous challenges. The three Chubu Electric Power companies are working on various measures with the three C’s of Chubu Electric Power: “Chance”, “Challenge” and “Change”.
  • ”Chance” is to provide opportunities for employees’ growth and active roles in response to changes in the business environment and strategies. “Challenge” is to empathize with our Management Vision and develop an environment that allows employees to boldly take on the challenge of realizing this vision. “Change” is to realize transformation through the success of diverse human resources.
  • I would like to introduce the internal recruitment system, online learning courses and diversification of recruitment channels, as our representative efforts.
  • First, we expanded the internal recruitment system last fiscal year, aiming for diverse career development of employees. The first time, 57 people applied for the 42 posts.
  • Since introducing this system, we have heard people say, “It became an opportunity to think about developing my career and abilities,” and we feel that it has been a great stimulus especially among young employees.
  • Our goal for the time being is to increase the number of spots to be recruited to 300 by FY2025, and we hope to develop an environment where employees themselves can subjectively transfer to their desired workplace at their own will, thereby improving work satisfaction.
  • Next, we introduced online learning courses for all employees last year in order to meet diverse learning needs. In addition to essential courses on IT literacy and data analysis and recommended courses by level, each employee can choose and participate in courses they desire, which help develop diverse skills based on career aspirations of each employee.
  • Furthermore, we are also actively engaged in career hires in order to secure human resources who can take an active role and become an immediate asset mainly in new growth areas.
  • Career hires are effective in revitalizing the organization by not only securing immediate assets but also bringing diverse experiences and values that did not exist in the company. As we would like to continue to maintain a certain number of career hires, we raised the goal to have career hires account for 20% of total hires in 2025.
  • To realize this, we are working to diversify recruitment channels, such as the job-based personnel system which was announced this February, and the comeback system where employees who left the company due to personal reasons return to the company and use their experiences and career skills they cultivated outside.
  • We will continue to do our utmost to back up employees so that each and every employee of the three Chubu Electric Power companies can self-improve in a way that suits them.
  • Since becoming President, I have repeatedly asked employees to “challenge yourself to the best of your ability.”
  • I have heard various expectations toward our human resources initiatives when directly exchanging opinions with the employees in the frontline at each business site. We have incorporated such opinions in the human resources strategy I explained today.
  • I will continue to take the lead in accelerating initiatives of the human resources strategy and develop a new Chubu Electric Power Group by having employees with diverse values engage to the fullest in various life events and career stages.

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