Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

June 2010 Regular Press Conference: Chairman Mita's Message

June 25, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • I would like to begin by introducing two new Representative Directors and three new Directors.

Introduction of New Directors

  • The new Representative Directors and Directors were approved at today's General Meeting of Shareholders, and their duties were decided at the meetings of the Board of Directors and Board of Auditors meetings that followed.
  • First, I would like to introduce the new Representative Directors, including Masatoshi Sakaguchi. The other new one is Kazuhiro Matsubara. Both of these gentlemen are slated to be named Executive Vice Presidents as of July 1st.
  • Next are the new Directors, including Satoru Katsuno. Mr. Katsuno is slated to be named Senior Managing Executive Officer and appointed General Manager of Corporate Planning & Strategy Division as of July 1st.
  • Here's another new Director, Katsuji Noda. Mr. Noda is slated to be named Senior Managing Executive Officer and appointed General Manager of the Fuels Department, International Business Department, and Gas Sales & Service Department as of July 1st.
  • Akira Matsuyama is the other new Director. Mr. Matsuyama is slated to be named Senior Managing Executive Officer and appointed General Manager of Land Affairs Department , Telecommunications Engineering Department, Power System Division as of July 1st.
  • Thank you for your confidence.

A brief overview of these four years

  • Since I was first appointed President, I've gone around to the different workplaces bringing a message of "unflagging self-reform" and "enhancing the power of the workplace" to support that self-reform.
  • In the beginning, more than a few individuals revealed their dissatisfactions and frustrations with their work, but over time people have offered more and more constructive opinions, and I have been energized by this many times.
  • I believe that the dissatisfactions and frustrations were really just a form of employee energy seeking to improve the current state of affairs and bring about something better, and an expression of a strong ambition to grow. Such ambition is where solutions to problems begin and new ideas come forth.
    And if an employee willingly does his work with an understanding of its purpose and importance, that employee will find his work highly satisfying and emotionally rewarding.
  • I am hopeful that the next generation of employees will inherit this power of the workplace and that each employee will find his or her work emotionally rewarding whenever they see our customers smile.
  • During these past four years we've dealt with many issues particularly related to nuclear power. These began with damage to the low-pressure turbine moving vane at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station No. 5, followed by our filing of a replacement plan, etc., and progress on our pluthermal plan. These have been important and impressive developments.
  • When we talk about nuclear power, people get a strong impression of a massive equipment industry supported by facilities and technology.
    In fact, many people, including the local community, the administrations and assemblies of the national, prefectural and four local city governments, our customers, our shareholders, the media, our affiliates and our employees, consider the issues with extreme seriousness. And we get all kinds of opinions and advice.
    I've become sharply aware that when we deal with the important issues of nuclear power, information like this is an intangible asset that contributes greatly to the safety and advancement of nuclear power.
  • I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable information received. Additionally, I've become aware all over again that an indispensable part of advancing nuclear power is to enhance another intangible asset, which is the understanding and support of the entire society, not just innovation of facilities and technology.
  • One of the codes I live by is to value the word "thanks" as an expression of appreciation.
    A moment ago I used nuclear power as an example, but I've received plenty of opinions and advice about our work in all sorts of fields.
    I have always been mindful to listen to all this information humbly, in a spirit of "thanks."
    There may have been times when my effort was lacking.
    By doing these things over and over, I've gained some valuable energy and wisdom and was able to make choices that opened up new paths.

As Chairman

  • As of today, I am assuming the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    As I hand-off the baton to incoming President Mizuno, I will do my best to steer the Chubu Electric Power Group as a whole.
    And with a spirit of "thanks," I will now depend on an even wider circle of people as I work for development of the region.
  • Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to offer my profoundest gratitude to everyone who has supported and encouraged me up to now.

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