Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

February 2015 Regular Press Conference : President Mizuno's Message

February 24, 2015
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • Today I will be discussing the following two matters:
    • Renewal of household customer online member service "Club KatEne"
    • The status of electricity supply and demand this winter up to the present

Renewal of household customer online member service "Club KatEne"

  • First, I would like to talk about the renewal of our household customer online member service, “Club KatEne”. 
  • In April, 2014, we launched "Club KatEne," an online member service to act as a hub for providing useful information to our household customers. We have offered energy saving advice depending on your situation, as well as a services that allows you to check your past energy usage at a glance.
  • We have had approximately 190,000 registrations since the launch of the service.
  • In order to service more customers, we will be improving and renewing the contents of "Club KatEne" on March 2 so that it can be utilized as a "Portal Site for Energy, Living, and Communities." In accordance with this, we will be changing our name from "Club KatEne" to "KatEne."
  • Main homepage contents to be renewed include the following points.
    1.Customers will not only be able to compare their electrical usage with other customers under the same service agreement, but will also be able to compare the situation depending on lifestyle, such as family size and the size of their house.
    2.Information useful to the lifestyle of customers, such as introductions of the latest energy-saving appliances and recipes using food produced in the Chubu region, will be improved upon. 
  • In addition to these points, by accessing the "KatEne" homepage, customers will be able to conduct procedures associate with moving, such as the starting or discontinuation (contract termination) of electricity.
  •  Furthermore, in addition to this renewal, customers who browse the new “KatEne” homepage and answer a simple questionnaire will be presented with “KatEne Points.”
  • Accumulated points can be exchanged for goods helpful for living, such as kitchen appliances and emergency supplies, department store gift certificates, or e-money which can be used at supermarkets and convenience stores.
  • In order to continue to offer convenient and comfortable service to each and every customer, we will strive to continue to expand upon our services provided, so as to position "KatEne" as the "Internet Sales Office" for connecting with our customers.

(New character: “KATEENEKO”)

  • Also, in conjunction with this renewal, along with the deployment of membership campaigns, this " KATEENEKO" will be conducting PR together with us in order for customers to feel more familiar with "KatEne."
  • The " KATEENEKO" will be making appearances not only on the "KatEne" homepage, but also on TV commercials and meter reading flyers, etc. We would like the “KATEENEKO” to grow into a character loved by our customers.

(Policy towards full deregulation of retail electric power)

  • Starting from April next year, the full deregulation of retail electric power will begin. We expect intense competition to occur even in the market for households.
  • More than 60 years have passed since Chubu Electric Power was established. The reason we were able to continue business thus far is thanks largely in part to our customers in the Chubu region. We are extremely grateful for this.
  • Up until now, we have worked to expand our services from the customer's perspective, such as the provision of the company "e-Kurashi" for providing home services and a diversified rate structures.
  • In addition to continue providing stable electricity in the future, by firmly understanding the needs of our customers and providing a variety of original and creative services and rate structures, we will strive to continue to be appreciated by the customers who have supported us thus far and remain as their choice following the beginning of the full deregulation of retail electric power.

The status of electricity supply and demand this winter up to the present

  • I will move on to the status of supply and demand for this winter, up to the present.

(Thanks for energy conservation)

  • I want to thank our customers for their cooperation with energy conservation efforts, which have continued again this winter.
  • This winter, there were some days that looked very severe in terms of the reserve margin, but we have been able to provide a stable supply of electricity. This is thanks to the energy conservation efforts of our residential and corporate customers, who have been conscientiously turning down the temperature on their air conditioning and turning off unneeded lights.
  • The period requested for energy conservation by the national government lasts until March 31. With apologies for the trouble to our customers, we ask that energy conservation efforts be continued within reasonable bounds.

(Electric power supply and demand results for this winter)

  • Now I would like to talk about supply and demand results for this winter to date.
  • We estimated the peak load for Chubu Electric Power this winter to be 22.95 GW for the maximum power three-day average and 23.93 GW the one-time peak load this winter, comparable to the severe winter of FY2011 (announced October 1, 2014).
  • This winter's actual peak load results from December 2014 to February 23, 2015 were 23.04 GW for the maximum power three-day average and 23.24 GW for the one-time peak load. Both peaks were occurred in December.
  • The main factor for this is believed to be the fact that temperatures in December remained lower than average years.
  • Based on the following two points, a detailed analysis for the evaluation of supply and demand for this winter is not yet available.
    • We have not yet completed an analysis and evaluation of factors such as the effect of the state of the economy, and
    • The period for energy conservation as stipulated by the government extends until March.
      We will report again as soon as we have completed a detailed analysis.
  • We are committed to doing everything we can in the continuing effort to provide our customers with a stable supply of electric power.
  • That concludes my remarks for today.

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