Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

July 2015 Regular Press Conference : President Katsuno's Message

August 03, 2015
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • Today I will be discussing : 
    • Applications of wheeling charges
    • Initiatives by Chubu Electric Power’s research and development centers
    • KatEne campaign

Applications of wheeling charges

(Application for approval associated with the establishment of the Wheeling Service provisions)

  • As we previously announced, on July 31 last week, Chubu Electric Power made an application for approval associated with the establishment of Wheeling Service provisions to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
  • The Wheeling Service provisions stipulate supply conditions of rates and other particulars in the event of PPS or other utilities, besides Chubu Electric Power, using our power transmission and distribution equipment. The application is an endeavor to revise previous Wheeling Service provisions on the premise of full retail deregulations on electric power that will start from April 2016.
  • Seizing the application for approval as an opportunity, I gave orders to start considering on the development of a new electricity rate menu for customers that are supplied with low-voltage electricity, including general households that would newly fall under the scope of deregulations.
  • The new menu that we are going to prepare is planned to become an elaborate one that corresponds to customer needs and lifestyles. We hope to present it to customers around next January.

(Daily-life coordinator)

  • Heated-up competition is expected for household customers that are newly falling under the scope of deregulations.
  • In view of household customers, Chubu Electric Power will offer a stable supply of electricity and work to maintain affordable electricity rate levels with efforts to maximize management efficiency. Moreover, we will provide elaborate service that caters to customer needs as a daily-life coordinator that serves across energy domains and satisfies all clients, and thereby engage in efforts to remain as the top-choice utility for customers.

Initiatives by Chubu Electric Power’s research and development centers

(50th anniversary from its foundation)

  • Next, I would like to discuss the“Initiatives by Chubu Electric Power’s research and development centers”
  • In 1965, Chubu Electric Power established in Midori Ward, Nagoya City the General Research and Development Center with sights set on developing effective electricity use and practical electric power technologies, and engaged in basic research as well as technological developments associated with energy in general.
  • This June was the Center’s 50th anniversary from its foundation, making this year a milestone for our research and development on technology.

(Chubu Electric Power’s time-reflecting progress in technological development)

  • Previous technological development efforts during Japan’s rapid economic growth, which lasted from the 50s to 70s, primarily emphasized researches on pollutions or environmental issues and the increase on electric power demands. This included flue-gas treatment technologies for thermal power stations and technologies to achieve high-voltage and high-capacity transmission. 
  • Since the end of the 80s, we have been engaging in researches on electric power equipment deterioration or remaining-life determinations, and interconnection technologies of solar power and other renewable energies. We also have been engaging in technological development which includes energy conservation initiatives, the maintenance and improvement of electric power qualities, and efforts to renew equipment installed in large quantities.
  • Amid the intensifying and diversifying needs of manufacturing-related customers these days, we have been rolling out integrated development solutions. This is an initiative that suggests optimal energy uses by making a deep step into the production process of our customers, and working in a united manner with them to develop the production line.
  • To be more precise, Chubu Electric Power has been responding to our customers’ requests on increased productivity and energy conservations by suggesting shortened painting/drying, heating/cooling, and other production processes for plants. Around 40 of our suggestions have been adopted thus far primarily by customers associated with transportation equipment.
  • Most recently, in July 2012, Chubu Electric Power established the Nuclear Power Safety Technology Research Center within the grounds of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station. Initiatives have been launched to further strengthen nuclear-related technological developments with our sights set to achieve a more stepped up safety for the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station.

(Chubu Electric Power’s technological development will continue to progress)

  • As we constantly mention, Chubu Electric Power’s mission to stably supply safe and affordable energy to our customers, and thereby develop together with our customers and the regional community, will remain solidly unchanged at all times. 
  • To achieve our unchanging mission and to create a vibrant and new Chubu Electric Group, it is essential to maintain technological development. This is why I have been calling on employees to learn more about technology and equipment since I took the post as President.
  • We marked our 50th anniversary of technological development, and this is a milestone for Chubu Electric Power. Our research & development sector will continue to take the lead in technological developments that would satisfy our customers, and thereby contribute to the development of the Chubu region and the society.

(Technofair 2015)

  • It might be too early to refer to this, but on October 22 and 23, our Research & Development Division will be hosting Technofair 2015.
  • Technofair is an event held annually for customers, mass media, and other parties involved, to have them understand our wide-ranging technological development efforts. This will be our 23rd event since first being hosted in 1989.
  • This year’s Technofair will set its theme as “New technologies creating the future: Along with the 50-year technological development,” and showcase the latest technological development details while stressing on: initiative to further enhance safety of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station; initiative for stable supply of electric power; and initiative for management efficiency.
  • Given that this year is the 50th anniversary since the General Research and Development Center has been established, we will be sharing our previous technological development progresses.

KatEne Fresh Summer Campaign

(Transition of KatEne)

  • Finally, I would like to talk about the present condition of KatEne, our household-geared online service launched in April 2014.
  • At the outset of the launch of this online service, KatEne provided information useful for the daily lives of our customers. This included energy conservation advice that corresponds to customers’ electricity usage, a service that allows checking past electricity usage results in a list format, and allowing simple procedures when changing residences. 
  • KatEne has been fully renewed this March, and this resulted in the introduction of our new character “KATEENEKO.” We are also working to offer services that customers can relate to, such as launching the KatEne point service in which customers can save points that are exchangeable with kitchen appliances, emergency supplies, and other goods or gift certificates by responding to simple questionnaires or browsing the website.

(KatEne Fresh Summer Campaign)

  • KatEne Fresh Summer Campaign, which started on July 1, is currently ongoing.
  • This is a campaign that aims to make the presence of our energy-saving tool KatEne known to more customers, and have them register and use the service during this time of the summer where we experience increased household electricity usages. The campaign will be rolled out until August 30.
  • In the campaign, customers that made new registrations to KatEne and those already signed up alike will, by lottery, be gifted prizes that would enable them to spend the summer comfortably. The prizes will include tower fans, which are blade-less fans, and summer mattress pads.

(Subscription results and goals for KatEne)

  • As of the end of July, KatEne managed to gain some 500 thousand membership registrations from our customers.
  • Continuing efforts to make the KatEne service known to more customers, we are looking to increase customers’ membership registrations and achieve one million sign-ups by the end of this fiscal year.
  • In view of offering convenient and comfortable services to each customer, we will strive to continue expanding the services we provide in an effort to position KatEne as an Internet Sales Office that connects Chubu Electric Power with customers. 
  • That concludes my remarks for today.

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