Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

June 2017 Regular Press Conference : President Katsuno's Message

June 28, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • Today I was appointed as President in the General Meeting of Shareholders and the subsequent Board of Directors Meeting, entering my third year of company presidency.
  • I will be discussing the following three matters today:
    • New Directors
    • A ppointment of officers effective July 1st
    • Electricity supply and demand outlook of this summer

Introducing New Directors

  • I would like to start by introducing our two new Directors approved today at the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • Our new Senior Managing Executive Officer is Hiromu Masuda, General Manager of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Executive Headquarters. Our other new Senior Managing Executive Officer is Taisuke Misawa, General Manager of Secretarial Services, Corporate Communications, and Personnel Departments.
  • Both of them have previously exhibited high abilities in executing duties and resolving our Company’s management issues, and with their excellence in character and profound insight, they are fully capable of handling the management of Chubu Electric Power.
  • Under the new management system including the two new Directors, we will bring together all of the Group’s resources to further streamline management, strengthen our business foundation harnessing IoT, AI, and other ICT, and reinforce risk management. By doing so, we will adapt to changes in the business environment and achieve sustained development.

Appointment of officers effective July 1st

  • I would now like to talk about appointments of officers effective July 1st.
  • Officer appointments of this fiscal year involved 1,655 people. That was a result of careful considerations of the need for such appointments and optimizing the match between personnel and their respective positions to address management issues.
  • One factor that characterizes the new appointments is the sales system being reinforced in conjunction with the full retail deregulation of electric power and gas. Another factor is that, just as last year, many female employees were readily promoted to officer positions.
  • I first would like to talk about reinforcement of our sales system.
  • More engineering-position officers, mostly from the thermal power division, will be assigned this quarter to the Sales Company to further promote electric power and gas sales.
  • Our hope is to take advantage of the energy-related experience and knowledge such officers had developed and provide service that offers added value.
  • Plans are underway to step up Chubu Electric Power’s sales system. In April this year we have appointed 29 new recruits to the sales division of each of our regional offices, and more general employees are scheduled to be reassigned to the sales division this August.
  • I now turn to the appointment of female employees to officer positions.
  • We have freshly assigned two female employees to general manager-class officers, and four as section manager-class officers.
  • Last fiscal year, 21 women were promoted into section chief-class officers, roughly twice the number of those who previously advanced to that position. We have assigned 21 women again this fiscal year, which means Chubu Electric Power now has 145 female section chief-class officers.
  • Our target is to more than double the number of female officers in FY2020 compared to FY2014 levels.
  • With sights set toward achieving this goal, we will actively roll out the following measures to reshape the mindset of all staff and encourage female employees to become self-conscious:
    • Strengthening training designed for female employees
    • Providing duties and implementing personnel changes to accelerate the growth of female employees
    • Introducing a system to realize a more flexible working style.


  • Business conditions around Chubu Electric Power remain challenging with such examples as the electric power and gas system reform, but by embracing our new personnel arrangements, we will unite as a company under my lead and address various issues.

Electricity supply and demand outlook of this summer

  • Finally, regarding this summer’s power supply and demand outlook in the Chubu area, we are expecting the maximum electric power over July and August (average electric power over a maximum of three days) to reach 24.29 million kW. In terms of the supply-demand balance, prospects of securing stable electricity supply appear to be promising.
  • The national government set forth a policy stating that no request for special energy conservation efforts is needed for this summer, just as last year.
  • In keeping with the governmental policy, Chubu Electric Power will not issue any energy conservation requests this summer, but we still look forward to seeing customers maintain their previous energy conservation/saving efforts for the sake of effectively harnessing energy and limiting CO2 emissions.
  • Our customer-oriented website, meter-reading slip notifying electricity usage amounts, and our KatEne website all provide advice instrumental in efforts to save energy.
  • Our energy supply has been largely depending on thermal power generation.
  • To make sure that no issues occur on our power supply system, Chubu Electric Power will work to stably supply electricity to customers by completing all pre-summer general thermal power station inspections by the end of June and conducting reliable operations and maintenance for both transmission/conversion facilities and thermal/hydroelectric power stations.

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