Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

February 2019 Regular Press Conference : President Katsuno's Message

February 26, 2019
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • I will be discussing the following matters today:
    • Expansion of the renewable energy business
    • Selection for the 2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection

Expansion of the renewable energy business

  • First, I would like to talk about the expansion of the renewable energy business.
  • Chubu Electric Power strives to balance various power sources from an S+ 3E perspective, aiming to achieve stable energy supply and economic efficiency while preserving the environment with safety as the premise.
  • Out of these many energy sources employed, the importance of renewable energy is increasing especially in the light of the government’s goal of making renewable energy into “a decarbonized, economically independent, main power source” put forth in the Fifth Strategic Energy Plan approved by the Cabinet last July.
  • As part of our efforts in renewable energy, we have started construction of the Seinaiji Hydroelectric Power Station that straddles between Achi-mura and Ida-shi in Nagano Prefecture and the biomass power generation facility at Yokkaichi Thermal Power Station in May of last year. We have decided in December 2018 to construct the Atusmi Wind Power Station in Tahara-shi, Aichi Prefecture and Ichishiro Hydroelectric Power Station in Kawanehon-cho, Shizuoka Prefecture. Additionally, outside of the Chubu area, we will also be participating in biomass power generation projects in Yonago-shi.
  • While we have already been steadily working to develop such renewable power generation facilities, we will be accelerating such initiatives given recent technological innovations and the increase in society’s environmental consciousness. We have set as the development of more than 2 million kW-worth of renewable energy facilities by 2030 as the new goal.
  • This goal will be a challenge for the company, as it will be an increase by a factor of five from the existing target and will mean increasing the renewable energy generating facilities installed capacity two-fold.
  • Land suitable for hydroelectric, solar and onshore wind generation is fairly limited but the area that can be used for offshore wind power is vast. Offshore wind power’s potential for large scale development and the recent enactment of a law that promotes its use makes it a particularly attractive development project.
  • Chubu Electric Power has been studying the deployment of offshore wind power in multiple areas including in Akita Prefecture. We are working toward its early development, aiming to reduce costs to make it economically independent.
  • We will accelerate our efforts to actively develop price competitive renewable energy within and outside the Chubu area. We will strive to increase the energy self-sufficiency rate and realize a low-carbon society by reducing CO2 emissions all throughout the value chain from power generation to sales.

Selection for the 2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection

  • Next, I would like to talk about being selected for the 2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection.
  • Chubu Electric Power is promoting work-life balance backed by the belief that “life (healthy mind and body and a fulfilling life) is the foundation for employees to work in a lively manner”.
  • On February 21st, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange chose Chubu Electric Power to be in the 2019 Health & Productivity Stock Selection in an effort to promote health and productivity management. We are the first electric operator to be chosen in the history of the program.
  • The Health & Productivity Stock Selection Program started in FY2014, selects companies strategically engaging in health management of employees from a management point of view from the companies listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The selected companies are introduced to investors who are looking for companies that will grow in the long-term, as attractive investments.
  • We are honored by this selection, and view it as a result of our mental health initiatives, our industrial health staff’s excellent health guidance and consultations and our new initiative to provide comprehensive medical inspections for all employees.
  • While battling the severe business environment, we will also continue to work on developing an environment that allows individuals to self-actualize through work. We will help our employees realize their work-life balance to further increase our corporate competitiveness.

Chubu Electric Power wins national curling championships

  • Finally, I would like to talk about our curling team taking first place in the national curling championships.
  • Our curling team won all ten matches to win the national curling championships hosted in Sapporo-shi from February 12th to 17th. This is the team’s sixth championship win after a two-year break.
  • The team overcame its loss in the Olympics qualifications in September 2017 and has been working hard for the 2022 Beijing Olympics under a new structure.
  • The young team has been improving at an eye-opening pace. I am extremely proud of their increased shot accuracy and mental skills, as well as their renowned teamwork that has led to this win.
  • I would like to again thank the related parties including Karuizawa-machi and Nagano Prefecture who have always been so supportive of the team.
  • This win qualifies the team for the world championships that will be held in Demark this March.
  • I hope that they will be able to perform their best against the world’s highest ranking teams as the representative for Japan.
  • This ends my presentation.

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