Other Press Conferences

Other Press Conferences

April 2021 Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan Press Conference with President Hayashi

April 16, 2021
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • First, I would like to apologize for the commotion caused by the recent Japan Fair Trade Commission’s on-site inspection of Chubu Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz.
  • We our taking this inspection seriously and have extended our full cooperation to the Japan Fair Trade Commission.

Heading Toward The Year 2050

  • In 2018, Chubu Electric Power Group formulated our Management Vision. We declared that we would concurrently achieve the goals of ‘fulfilling our unwavering mission’ and ‘creating new value’ over the next 10 or so years by the latter half of the 2020 decade. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, which has proliferated new ways of living, working and other changes in people’s lifestyles as well as accelerated digital transformation and decarbonization efforts, significantly transforming both the social and industrial structures.
  • With Japan having declared that it will be carbon neutral by 2050, the energy business in particular faces a significant turning point as the nation proceeds to examine its next basic energy plan. We considered these changes in social structure and long-term policies, set our focus on the year 2050, and assessed the value Chubu Electric Power Group will be able to deliver to society and our customers.
  • We envision that Japan in the year 2050 will be confronting the challenge of decarbonization and evolving into a safe and secure recycling-oriented society through advances in the social infrastructure.
  • As we aim to decarbonize, that process will lead us to realize a resilient, safe, and secure society and, at the same time, promote systems that are recycling-oriented, self-sufficient, and decentralized. In other words, we view the goal of decarbonization as transforming our society, industrial structure, and way of life.
  • The Chubu region, the hub of Chubu Electric Power Group’s business activities, possesses a balanced industrial structure that we believe may be capitalized early on to promote a recycling-oriented society as well as adopt self-sufficient and decentralized systems through the collaboration of industry, government, and academia, and thereby achieve the transition to a carbon-free society.
  • When we look at the value that Chubu Electric Power Group can deliver to society and our customers as we move towards this vision of the year 2050, we believe we will be able to ‘construct an energy platform’ and ‘build a data platform’ as well as transform these two components digitally to deliver ‘community support infrastructure,’ a new form of infrastructure, that contributes to realization of a society that is safe, secure, resilient, and affords a comfortable lifestyle.
  • The Chubu Electric Power Group has laid out our goals and initiatives for realizing a carbon free society in the Zero Emissions Challenge 2050 and we will aim to concurrently achieve not only ‘decarbonization,’ but also ‘safety, reliability and efficiency’ with energy infrastructure innovations in partnership with society and our customers.
  • Our quantitative targets to be achieved by 2030 are the reduction of CO2 emissions sourced from electricity we sell to our customers by at least 50% below 2013 levels and the 100% electrification of our company-owned vehicles with the exception of special vehicles for emergency and construction use.
  • Moreover, we will contribute to realizing a carbon-free society through our challenge to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions across all our business operations by the year 2050.

Aiming to Realize our Management Vision

  • I have four points that I would like to elaborate on regarding our management vision. These are the ‘further enhancement of the safety of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station,’ ‘provision of resilient and optimal energy services,’ ‘provision of new value generated through community support infrastructure,’ and ’decarbonization in partnership with our customers.’
  • First, with regard to the ‘further enhancement of the safety of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station,’ we believe that nuclear power, which does not emit CO2 when generated, has a very considerable role to play in realizing a carbon-free society.
  • Based upon the firm resolution never to allow an accident such as the one at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to happen again, we have placed top priority on ensuring safety and gaining the community’s understanding of our efforts as we proceed to utilize Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station.
  • In the future as well, we will do our utmost to have Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station’s compliance with new regulatory requirements verified promptly, endeavor to further enhance training and maintain disaster prevention system readiness, and strive to meticulously explain to communities and society at large how Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station’s safety has been enhanced and how we are constantly working to reduce risks in both tangible and intangible ways so that we may further our aim of making Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station a facility that is even more trusted by the community and society.
  • In moving toward the ‘provision of resilient and optimal energy services,’ we will strive to construct a next-generation transmission and distribution network that supports both wide-area use of power sources and facilitates local production for local consumption even as increased adoption of renewable energies leads to a more complex electricity flow.
  • As for our goal of ‘providing new value generated through community support infrastructure,’ we will deliver services that leverage both data and energy to offer new value supporting communities and resolving issues.
  • In our efforts for ‘decarbonization in partnership with customers,’ while energy supply initiatives are important, we will also be strongly promoting, together with society and our customers, greater efficiency in how customers use electricity as well as electrification in a variety of sectors so that we may all realize the goal of a carbon-free society.
  • We need to increase the current electrification rate of final energy consumption which is between 25~26% to 35~40% as well as achieve electrified sectors that are CO2-free. We believe that it is vital to work hand-in-hand with our customers to decarbonize the remaining non-electrified sectors.
  • The Chubu Electric Power Group Sales Division has been at the forefront of the electric power industry since 2000 when deregulation began, and we have rolled out and improved energy efficiency solutions for our customers.
  • As we honed our capabilities serving customers in Chubu region known in Japan for its high concentration of manufacturers, we have amassed proprietary know-how about solutions gained through proposals tailored to customer needs that change over time and provided them with benefit from more effective use not only of electricity but all their energy requirements.
  • We have been proactive in offering ‘integrated development solutions’ built upon production lines together with our customers. These efforts have been recognized with our receipt of the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award of the Energy Conservation Grand Prize in 2018 and the receipt of the METI Minister’s Award again as well as the Energy Conservation Center Chairman's Award in 2019.
  • We envision this sort of partnership together with our customers employing Chubu Electric Power Group technology solutions to resolve issues as being a very effective business model for transforming innovation for decarbonization.
  • With these efforts, we will continue to integrate the high potential of Chubu region’s balanced industrial structure as we hope to provide society and our customers with services conducive to a carbon-free society in a threefold integration of “energy conservation,” “energy creation,” and “energy utilization” that is the construction of the system offering greater energy availability.
  • The Chubu Electric Power Group will continue to provide community support infrastructure delivering packages of services and value that enrich and make our lives more convenient together with environmentally-friendly, safe, inexpensive, and stable energy, thereby contributing to realizing a comfortable society that is safe, secure, and resilient.
  • The Chubu Electric Power Group aims to maintain these commitments and gain the trust of all stakeholders.

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