Project in Asia

Renewable Power company in Vietnam

Overview of the business
Corporate Name Bitexco Power Corporation
  • Promoting the expansion of renewable energy business, to create a platform of the energy business in Vietnam.
  • Assisting the growth of the company through utilizing the technology and expertise for renewable power, especially hydropower
Project Overview Operation & Maintenance and new development of hydro and renewable energy power plants in Vietnam
  • Operation & Maintenance
    Hydropower operating assets: 21 plants
    Solar power operating assets: 1 plant
    Net Power Output: 798MW (Hydro 94%, Solar 6%)
  • New development and acquisition
    New development of onshore wind and solar power plants and acquisition of operating hydropower asset


  • For Chubu, this is the first investment in Vietnam as well as abroad in a hydropower company.
  • Bitexco Power Corporation is a leading renewable energy company focused on hydropower, solar and wind power generation in the Vietnam private sector.
  • We will work to maximize the company value of BPC by utilizing the technology and expertise related to hydropower maintenance that we have accumulated over 70 years in Japan.
Project in Asia

(Note1)Chubu Electric Power Company Netherlands B.V.(CEPCON)

(Note2)Vu Quang Sang, Vietnam Leather and Footwear JSC

Nho Que 1 Hydropower Plant (32MW)
Nho Que 1 Hydropower Plant (32MW)
Nhi Ha 1 Solar Power Plant (50MW)
Nhi Ha 1 Solar Power Plant (50MW)

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