Project in Europe

Dutch Energy Company “Eneco” acquired by CHUBU and Mitsubishi Corporation

Overview of the business
Corporate Name Eneco
  • Positioned as a platform in the European energy business, and expand growth areas such as renewable energy, retail and new services in the region
  • Leveraging Eneco's technologies concerning offshore wind power generation to create synergistic effect in our zero emission policy.
Overview A leading green energy company in Europe
  • Expanding renewable energy
    Aims to double its net renewable energy power generation capacity in the next five years
  • Expanding customer base and enhancing customer satisfaction
    Works to expand the customer base and enhance customer satisfaction by combining electricity/gas sales with technical services provided through visits to customers' homes in the Netherlands and by promoting its brand as a green brand and encouraging digitalization.
  • Enhancing new services
    Enhances new services that will contribute to better energy services, such as e-Mobility (setting up charging spots)


Net zero GHG emission target announced by Eneco
To remain the leader in responding to climate change, Eneco has announced that it will work to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2035 not just in its own activities but also in the energy it supplies to customers.
Announcement (Excerpt)

  • 100% renewable electricity supply for business customers by 2030 (This has been already achieved for retail consumers)
  • Carbon-free solutions for gas users (business customers and retail consumers), etc.
Dutch Energy Company “Eneco” acquired by CHUBU and Mitsubishi Corporation

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