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Compliance Initiatives Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Compliance Policy

The Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Compliance Policy, which is based on the Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, is stated below.

The biggest underlying factor that determines the survival and development of a company is the trust it garners from its customers, host communities, shareholders, and society at large.
The Chubu Electric Power Group believes that “without compliance, there is no trust and, without trust, there is no growth.” We foster a corporate culture of action in accordance with compliance requirements and aim to be a “good corporate citizen” that is highly trusted and supported by society.
With the aim of realizing this goal, we act in accordance with the following principles.

  • Assurance of full compliance
    We adhere to laws, regulations, internal rules, and corporate ethics.
  • Fair and sincere corporate activities
    We deal with our customers, business partners, and community residents in a fair and sincere matter.
  • Proper information management and disclosure
    We place strict controls on our handling of information and provide disclosure in a timely manner.
  • Establishment of a wholesome corporate culture
    We respect human rights and create a wholesome corporate culture.
  • Maintenance of sound relationships with politicians, government officials and others
    We strictly refrain from acting in a manner that might raise suspicion about the propriety of our business activities.
  • Proper management and use of assets
    We appropriately manage company assets and use them in line with company objectives.
  • Environmental conservation
    We strive to conserve the global environment
  • Assurance of safety, health and security
    We strive to ensure and maintain occupational safety, health and security.