Promotion System

In December 2002, the Chubu Electric Power Compliance Committee chaired by the president was established, and a company-wide framework put in place so that departments and worksites can develop their own independent activities. Business companies have also established their own compliance committees so that they will be able to autonomously promote compliance at their respective companies beginning April 2020.

Action Checkpoint “Four Questions”

Each and every individual uses the Action Checkpoint “Four Questions” to conduct a self-check and ensure that his or her actions are thoroughly in accord with compliance.

Consultation System

In December 2002, a helpline, which serves as a point of contact for compliance queries, was established at a full-time secretariat within the Legal Affairs Office. The secretariat receives email, telephone, letter and other queries from employees. In addition, starting in April 2020, helplines will be also be established in the legal affairs groups of business companies. Declarations have been issued in the president’s name (or in the name of the president of a business company) that information will never be divulged to anyone outside the secretariat that would lead to the adverse treatment of a person who has presented a query or information that might identify such individual, and every effort is made to protect anyone who makes use of the consultation system.

Awareness Raising and Training Activities

Among our initiatives to raise awareness and increase knowledge about compliance, we hold compliance lectures and training suited to each class of employee.
In addition, each department and regional office re-inspects business processes as part of their initiatives to conduct such processes appropriately.

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