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Contribution to Society Basic Corporate Citizenship Policies

In March 2008, we formulated the Basic Corporate Citizenship Policies of the Chubu Electric Power Group. These establish a shared basis of conceptual approaches and priority areas with Group companies, while at the same time promoting a wide range of activities that also enhance the unique Chubu Electric Power Group identity.

Basic Corporate Citizenship Policies of the Chubu Electric Power Group

1.Basic Approach

As a corporate group based in central Japan that provides Multi-Energy services, Chubu Electric Power Group fulfills our responsibility as a good corporate citizen in accordance with the following policies to demonstrate our commitment to sustainable development of society and our local communities.

(1) Value dialog and partnership as we contribute to building better communities and society.
(2) Take the initiative in support, not only through social contribution as a corporate group but also by respecting the voluntary efforts of employees.
(3) Make the details of our corporate citizenship activities widely known and work for ongoing improvements.

2.Key Areas

  • Ensuring local welfare and peace of mind
  • Environmental conservation
  • Education of the next generation
  • Cultural and sports activities