Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

Key Point of President's Regular Press Conference

November 2012 Regular Press Conference: President Mizuno's Message

November 27, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

  • Recently I spoke about this winter's electric power supply and demand, and now, with December approaching, winter has well and truly arrived.
  • The Government's Energy and Environment Council has decided to issue a request for energy conservation efforts without numerical targets for this winter as well.
  • According to our estimates, our supply capacity, with reserve margin, will be sufficient to ensure stable supply, and we are expecting that, even during this winter, customers will maintain electricity demand savings at the 650 MW level.
  • We apologize for the further inconvenience to our customers, but once again we would like to request that they continue to make all reasonable efforts to conserve energy.
  • This year again, our company's Web page provides advice on conserving energy in the winter.
  • For example, we advise residential customers to
  • Use a lower temperature setting for air-conditioning equipment
  • Save electricity by switching off lights when not in use, etc.
  • As for corporate customers, we advise them on
  • Efficient use of production equipment
  • Saving electricity when using other equipment such as air conditioning and lighting
  • Today we have been distributing references to customers with detailed examples of ways to conserve energy. We hope that customers will refer to these.
  • We at Chubu Electric Power are doing everything we can to ensure that our customers enjoy a stable electricity supply. 

Planned development of hydroelectric power stations at Atagi and Nyukawa

  • Now I would like to turn to the
  • Planned development of hydroelectric power stations at Atagi and Nyukawa
  • Please refer to the references.
  • Chubu Electric Power is to begin construction of regular water-flow release hydroelectric power stations directly below the prefectural dams at Atagi and Nyukawa in Gifu Prefecture. These stations will utilize both dam head and water release for power generation.
  • In October of last year we received proposals from Gifu Prefecture concerning the possibility of constructing power stations at prefectural dams.After examining the proposals, we have decided to build
  • a 190 kW generating capacity hydroelectric power station at Atagi Dam with entry into service planned for FY2015
  • a 350 kW generating capacity hydroelectric power station at Nyukawa Dam with entry into service planned for FY2016
  • We will be grateful for the understanding and cooperation of Gifu Prefecture, local residents and other parties concerned as we proceed with the development work.
  • Also, just as with Atagi and Nyukawa Dams, Gifu Prefecture has consulted us regarding a plan to develop a hydroelectric power station at Uchigatani Dam, which is currently under construction. We are presently examining the Prefecture’s proposal.
  • While renewable energy faces challenges in terms of economy and stability, it is low-carbon, and, for Japan as a country with poor energy self-sufficiency, it is at the same time a valuable source of domestically produced energy. Consequently, in unison with our Group companies, we are vigorously pursuing the development of low-cost renewable energy.
  • Given hydroelectricity's promise of stable electricity output, Chubu Electric Power will, while taking economic considerations into account, continue to pursue the development of conventional and regular water-flow release hydroelectric power.
  • That is all from me today.

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