In Pursuit of Greater Safety

In Pursuit of Greater Safety

Nuclear energy is an indispensable source of electric power for attaining energy security, price stability, and long-term supply stability in this country with limited energy resources, while addressing global environmental issues at the same time. To this end, we would like to utilize nuclear power generation as an important energy source for supplying electric power, while minimizing accident risks by enforcing thorough safety measures including countermeasures for tsunami countermeasures and introduction of severe accident countermeasures.

Since the tsunami countermeasures were published in July, 2011, Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station has been moving forward with various constructions, such as raising the sea wall, installing filter vent equipment, and deciding on the implementation of additional safety measures based on New Regulatory Requirements.

We filed applications with the Nuclear Regulation Authority to receive a review for confirming the compliance with the New Regulatory Requirements for Unit 4 in February 2014 and Unit 3 in June 2015.

Without being bound to the framework of New Regulatory Requirements, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. will continue to carry forward measures to further strengthen safety in a voluntary and continuous approach.

We will strive to improve the safety and reliability of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, and also work our hardest in order to gain the understanding of the local community and of society at large regarding our companies initiatives.

Safety measures of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station(image)

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