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Emergency Response Drill

On March 13, 2012, an emergency response drill was held to test emergency safety measures introduced after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Aiming to provide not only training on individual items of equipment and functions but also to strengthen coordination and all-round disaster response capability of the entire disaster management structure, this drill assumed the loss of all AC power, loss of the seawater-based cooling function, and loss of the water injection system in Unit 5 due to the earthquake and tsunami. For these reasons emergency generators and portable power pumps (provided as tsunami countermeasures) are being used here to carry out recovery work.

Survey meters are used to measure contamination levels on evacuated plant operatives in this drill at a 500,000 V switching station inside the power station. (photo)

Survey Meters Are Used to Measure Contamination Levels on Evacuated Plant Operatives in This Drill at a 500,000 V Switching Station Inside the Power Station.

In this drill, heavy machinery is being used to clear away earthquake debris on the site so that recovery work is not impeded.(photo)

In This Drill, Heavy Machinery Is Being Used to Clear Away Earthquake Debris on the Site so That Recovery Work Is Not Impeded.

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