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Emergency Response Drill

We held an emergency response drill on February 8, 2013 with the objective of enhancing our ability to respond to nuclear accidents caused by major earthquakes and/or tsunami.

The scenario for the drill assumed an earthquake of upper-6 on the Japanese scale and a tsunami overtopping our tsunami protection wall. There would be flooding on the site and all AC power to Units 3-5, which would then be in operation, would be lost. About 900 employees of Chubu Electric Power and its affiliated companies took part in the drill. The drill was to check whether our tsunami countermeasure facilities that we have finished building would function effectively. In case our permanent monitoring posts (which measure air radiation levels) failed to function, we conducted a drill in which we set up portable monitoring posts (ones built to be carried in) and used these to measure air radiation levels and transmit the data.

A drill assuming that all AC power is lost. Participants are opening valves used in the reactor building's containment vessel vents. (photo)

A Drill Assuming That All AC Power Is Lost. Participants Are Opening Valves Used in the Reactor Building's Containment Vessel Vents.

Drill participants are using a portable monitoring post to monitor air radiation levels. (photo)

Drill Participants Are Using a Portable Monitoring Post to Monitor Air Radiation Levels.

* Containment vessel vents: Used to protect the containment vessel by preventing unusual increase in pressure in the containment vessel. The vents release some of the gases in the containment vessel (including radioactive materials) into the atmosphere to lower the pressure within.

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