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Participation in Nuclear Disaster Management Drill Organized by Shizuoka Prefecture

On February 13, 2014, a nuclear disaster drill was hosted by Shizuoka Prefecture and 11 cities and towns (*Note1) near the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station. Approximately 620 people from 64 institutions participated in various drills including those related to evacuation throughout the prefecture. Among those activities, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (hereafter Chubu Electric) took part in the screening drill which includes radiation measurement exercises, etc.

This drill was implemented for the first time in response to the incorporation of phased evacuation mechanisms to the Nuclear Emergency Preparedness and Response Guidelines, depending on the disaster situation of the power station.

Drills were carried out assuming a situation in which the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station had been damaged resulting from a tsunami and massive earthquake of the Nankai Trough, prompting indoor evacuation orders (taking refuge inside buildings) to be issued for those within 31km of the power station (UPZ (*Note2)), and evacuation orders for those located within 5km of the power station (PAZ (*Note3)). The drills included a bus evacuation involving the approximately 170 people living within the PAZ.

11 employees from Chubu Electric participated in the screening drill. For this drill, a screening point was established at a midway point of the escape route, to take count of evacuees and examine the presence of contamination using radiation counters. The process for guiding to temporary decontamination stations was checked, and cooperation with related institutions was strengthened.

(*Note1) Omaezaki city, Makinohara city, Kakegawa city, Kikugawa city, Iwata city, Simada city, Hukuroi city, Hujieda city, Yaidu city, Mori towu, Yosida town.

(*Note2) UPZ:Urgent Protective Action Planning Zone
Assuming a rapidly developing accident, this is the area to immediately carry out evacuation in response to the onset of a specific accident. Of the 11 cities and towns in Shizuoka Prefecture, this includes areas within 31km of the power station (excluding the PAZ).

(*Note3) PAZ:Precautionary Action Zone
Based on the possibility of rapidly developing accidents and uncertainties of accidents, this is the area to be prepared for evacuation and indoor evacuation. This includes all areas of Omaezaki city, and a portion of Makinohara city that is within 5km of the power station.

Screening at Kusanagi Sports Complex Gym (Shizuoka City) (photo)

Screening at Kusanagi Sports Complex Gym (Shizuoka City)

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