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Implementation of Emergency Disaster Countermeasure Drill

Approximately 250 personnel from the Chubu Electric Power Company and its contracting companies (including Tokyo Electric Power Company support staff) participated in "emergency disaster countermeasure drill" for two days from May 20 to May 21, 2014. This drill assumed Loss of all AC power supply of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station and failure of power distribution equipment due to a massive earthquake, with the purpose of strengthening response capabilities against nuclear disasters and large-scale earthquakes.

During this drill, a forward outpost for the recovery of distribution facilities was established at Yamaha Resort Tsumagoi, and the reception system for recovery support personnel (other branches, affiliated companies, TEPCO, etc.) as well as the recovery system was verified. Using mobile generator units, emergency power supplying training was conducted for the Omaezaki Municipal Hospital, as well as the Kakegawa Police Station and the Kikugawa Fire Department, which are disaster response bases.

Assuming that the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station's alternate power source cannot be used and that all power has been lost, training supplying power to the power plant using an off-site power distribution line (6,600V) was also conducted. Training was led by the "power distribution facilities restoration team," made up of Kakegawa Branch personnel responsible for the areas neighboring the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station. The personnel verified work procedures for ensuring external power supplies by setting up a prefabricated steel plate utility pole at the pillars installed in advance on the Hamaoka NPS site, with a height of approximately 3m above ground, and running a cable from that utility pole to Unit 5 and connecting to station power.

Air tent set-up training at the forward outpost (photo)

Air Tent Set-up Training at the Forward Outpost

Emergency power supplying training to the Omaezaki Municipal Hospital (photo)

Emergency Power Supplying Training to the Omaezaki Municipal Hospital

Training of putting on radiation protection gear (photo)

Training of Putting on Radiation Protection Gear

Installation training of the prefabricated utility pole (photo)

Installation Training of the Prefabricated Utility Pole

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