Press Release

Press Release

Development and Release of the Air Conditioning Management Controller "Syou Ene Shimas II" ~Addition of the comfortable, easy, and economic demand (*1)suppression function~

March 23, 2015
Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Toshiba Carrier Corporation (President & CEO: Hirokazu Kondo, Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, hereinafter "Toshiba Carrier") and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President & Director: Akihisa Mizuno, Location: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, hereinafter "Chubu Electric") will release the jointly developed "Syou Ene Shimas II" equipped with comfortable, easy, and economic demand(*1)suppressive function from Toshiba Carrier in October, 2015 which is the upgraded version of the air conditioning management controller "Syou Ene Shimas" released in October, 2010.

From April, 2014, the "Act Amending a Portion of the Act on Rational Use of Energy" establishing the promotion of energy conservation measures and peak power measures in stores and offices was put into force. Through this, system was changed so that the improvement of the consumption rate can be largely evaluated when customers make efforts to cut power use during peak times in addition to traditional energy conservation measures. On the other hand, the target range of the energy managed duties already has been changed from "business bases" to "individual businesses".

For customers such as retail businesses that have many shops, the necessity to efficiently and simply manage the power usage for each store is growing. For such customers, this product can be used with ease, without the hassle of changing settings of demand values. In addition, thanks to the newly equipped demand(*1) suppression function, not only can the comfort within the shop be maintained, but it is also possible to effectively use power by implementing highly-efficient operation with excellent energy-saving capabilities.

Main features of this developed product

1 Achieving energy efficiency while maintaining comfort

From the beginning of the demand time, by controlling the air-conditioning capacity in response to the demand settings at a highly-efficient region, a stable temperature control(*2) and energy saving can be achieved.

2 Easy installation, simple settings

By effectively using the air conditioner's signal line and the centralized control wiring, only a connection of the electric power pulse acquisition wiring from the electricity meter is installed. In addition, the hassle of settings can be significantly reduced by utilizing the various settings of the air conditioning management controller.

3 Optimal for a store. Hassle-free demand suppression with ease to address indoor temperature fluctuations

Mainly for shop use, the device is equipped with a "Comfort Priority Mode(*3)," prioritizing maintaining comfort within the shop. Demand is suppressed within a range which is below the upper limit of the room temperature set in advance (during cooling), and above the lower limit (during heating). 


(*1)  Demand: Maximum demand power used by the customers (30 minute average value)

(*2)  Stable Temperature Management: Means reducing fluctuations in indoor temperature, not maintaining it at a constant temperature.

(*3)  Comfort Priority Mode: The demand suppression amount may become less when the room temperature upper limit (during cooling) or lower limit (during heating) are reached.


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