Press Release

Press Release

Launch of Shinshu Green Electricity Project Marketing Electric Power Produced with Shinshu Water: Reduction in Burden on the Environment and Enhancement of Value of Shinshu-Produced Electricity

March 26, 2020
Nagano Prefecture Enterprise Bureau
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Marubeni Power Retail Corporation
Minna-Denryoku, Inc.

Nagano Prefecture, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President: Satoru Katsuno; "Chubu Electric Power"), Marubeni Power Retail Corporation (President: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto; "Marubeni Power Retail"), and Minna-Denryoku, Inc. (Representative Director: Eiji Oishi; "Minna-Denryoku") announce that today they will launch the Shinshu Green Electricity Project, which will market electric power produced with Shinshu water.

This project will make use of CO2-free value and locally-produced value derived from public hydroelectric power stations located within the prefecture that are operated by the Nagano Prefecture Enterprise Bureau (Public Enterprise Administrator: Toru Kobayashi). The three companies, Chubu Electric Power, Marubeni Power Retail, and Minna-Denryoku, will supply Shinshu-produced electric power mainly to corporate customers, which each of the companies has contracted with that are located in Nagano Prefecture, the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and other large metropolitan areas.

In an environment of increasing environmental consciousness and other such interest as demonstrated by the international initiative RE100, the Shinshu Green Electricity Project is a new challenge to supply electric power to customers that is not only CO2-free and provides other environmental benefits (see Note), but the type of power source and its production locale may also specified. The project aims to increase the value of Shinshu-produced electric power and the percentage of renewable energy in the electricity that customers use, as well as establish local consumption of locally-produced electric power within Nagano Prefecture.

Nagano Prefecture, Chubu Electric Power, Marubeni Power Retail, and Minna-Denryoku will promote a variety of policies that contribute to local areas and lead to solutions for regional issues, beginning with cooperating with large cities and efforts to establish local consumption of locally-produced electric power.

(Note) Because the CO2-free value obtainable from hydroelectric power stations operated by Nagano Prefecture to which the Feed-in Tariff scheme applies (Takato Power Station, Yokokawa-Jaishi Power Station, Okususobana No. 2 Power Station, and Koshibu No. 3 Power Station) is returned to all customers who pay the renewable energy power generation promotion surcharge during the term when the scheme is applicable, it is necessary to separately procure non-fossil or other value to realize CO2-free under the electric power menu which utilizes these power stations.

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