Press Release

Press Release

Fujita Health University and Chubu Electric Power sign an agreement on the establishment of a joint research program: Partnership to build a data platform for community-based integrated care

June 29, 2020
Fujita Academy
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Fujita Health University (President: Kiyotaka Hoshinaga; "FHU") and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President: Kingo Hayashi; "Chubu Electric Power") have today signed an agreement (the "Agreement") on establishing a joint research program concerning community-based integrated care (*1).

Under this Agreement, the FHU, which has an extensive track records in clinical research and worked on building a community-based integrated care system for over 30 years, will partner with Chubu Electric Power, which has been exploring the healthcare field to build community support infrastructures. The two parties will jointly study a suitable data platform (*2) for community-based integrated care, so as to help local people appropriately manage and utilize their own health data and sustain a healthy living with peace of mind.

More specifically, a joint research program will be set up within the FHU on July 1 to undertake studies on how to centrally manage and coordinate healthcare information of individuals, including long-term care data, and on how lifestyle data, gathered by Chubu Electric Power, can be incorporated into such information to create new values.

Through this initiative for community development in partnership with a private enterprise, the FHU will contribute to creating new knowledge while engaging in activities that deliver community development and help people continue living in their familiar communities.

Chubu Electric Power will explore ways of utilizing various data, obtained from its services in healthcare and remote monitoring for children and seniors, in the medical field in an effort to build a platform for assisting healthy lifestyles and behaviors, and develop new services.

The two companies will collaborate in engaging in community-based activities under the Agreement, thereby contributing to sustainable development of local communities.

(*1) A mechanism of providing community-based integrated assistance and services, aimed at helping senior citizens maintain dignity and independent living, so that they can continue living in their familiar communities as long as possible even when they require medical and long-term care; The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is promoting the establishment of such a system by 2025 across the nation.

(*2) Information system infrastructure that allows the sharing of healthcare information of individuals, including long-term care data, among local healthcare and long-term care facilities with consent from individual persons

Overview of the Agreement on the establishment of the joint research program

Program name

Chuden joint research program on the platform for community-based integrated care

Establishment period

July 01, 2020 - March 31, 2023

Main research contents

  • Developing a method for centrally managing and coordinating healthcare information of individuals, including long-term care data, and adding lifestyle data to such information to create new values
  • Developing a data platform for implementing the two partners' initiatives
  • Verifying coordination with Chubu Electric Power Group's community development and healthcare-related services

Signing ceremony in progress

Picture of Signing ceremony in progress

(Pictured from left: President Hayashi and President Hoshinaga)

Comments by President Hoshinaga

It is a great honor to be able to partner with Chubu Electric Power in setting up a joint research program, combining our advanced initiatives such as the AI Hospital and community collaboration with Chubu Electric Power's initiatives in the healthcare field for establishing a community support infrastructure.

We will make integral use of medical information as well as various types of Big Data to build a data platform that provide local people with access to refined healthcare and long-term care services. Through this partnership, we will strive to produce research results that create innovative healthcare and long-term care in the post-COVID era.

Comments by President Hayashi

We are delighted to partner with the FHU to create new values and develop a platform that ensures access to healthcare and long-term care services within local communities as a solution to one of our social issues, i.e. demographic changes caused by population aging.

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