Press Release

Press Release

“Initiatives for Realizing the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision” and the “Zero Emissions Challenge 2050”

March 23, 2021
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Today, Chubu Electric Power is pleased to announce that we have consolidated specific actions that we will take to achieve the “Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision” formulated in 2018. These are laid out in the “Initiatives for Realizing the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision” and the “Zero Emissions Challenge 2050,” a new commitment that our group will maintain as a responsible energy provider to realize a carbon-free society by the year 2050.

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted the proliferation of new ways of living and working and has led to other lifestyle changes as well as accelerating digital transformation and decarbonization efforts, significantly and fundamentally transforming the structure of society.

With Japan having declared that it will become a carbon neutral nation by 2050, the energy business, in particular, faces a significant turning point as the country proceeds to consider the next basic energy plan.

Even in this context, each of the Chubu Electric Power Group’s companies is engaging with markets and customers to properly coordinate the provision of environmentally-friendly, safe, inexpensive, and reliable energy as well as community support infrastructure delivering packages of services that enrich and make life more convenient so that we may contribute to realizing a comfortable society that is safe, secure, and resilient.

In addition, we will strive in partnership with communities and customers to concurrently achieve decarbonization as well as safety, reliability and efficiency through energy infrastructure innovations based on the “Zero Emissions Challenge 2050” the aim of which is to realize a carbon-free society.

More specifically, we will reduce CO2 emissions sourced from electricity we sell to our customers by at least 50% below 2013 levels by the year 2030. We will also ensure that our entire company-owned vehicle fleet comprises only electric vehicles (see note).

Moreover, we will contribute to realizing a carbon-free society by meeting our challenge of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions across all our business operations by the year 2050.

(Note) Excluding special vehicles or other means of transport for emergency and construction use.

The Chubu Electric Power Group will maintain our goal of being a corporate group that earns the trust of all stakeholders by fulfilling our unwavering mission of delivering a stable supply of energy and new services that offer solutions to society’s challenges.

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Chubu Electric Power Group Initiatives Pursuing Our Management Vision[PDF:6,462KB]

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Zero Emissions Challenge 2050[PDF:385KB]


Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Environmental Policy

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