Press Release

Press Release

Digital Transformation (DX) Efforts of the Chubu Electric Power Group ~We Will Provide New Value Through Customer Services and Business Transformation~

December 06, 2021
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Today, we established the “Digital Transformation (DX) Efforts of the Chubu Electric Power Group.”

The Chubu Electric Power Group views the changes in our business environment, such as the acceleration of government decarbonization policies, progress of digital transformation (DX) and the COVID-19 pandemic, as a new business opportunity, and we therefore formulated the “Management Vision 2.0” in November 2021 in order to face these challenges boldly. 

We will promote DX as we head towards the realization of the Management Vision 2.0. Specifically, our DX will take the form of transformation in customer services and business transformation, which we will promote through the growth and success of each of our employees, who represent the very essence of our corporate value.

For our transformation in customer services, we will steadily move forward with the advancement of our energy platform and construction of our data platform, and we will transform our business model into one that delivers new value in accordance with the needs of each individual customer by pairing these platforms together.

Furthermore, we will pursue business advancement through digital technologies and data utilization for business transformation that enables each and every employee to have an autonomous working style while feeling a sense of accomplishment, in order to realize a more fulfilling life-work balance.

Through the promotion of such digital transformation, we will achieve sustainable growth together with all of our stakeholders.

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