Press Release

Press Release

Initiatives to develop small ammonia co-firing once-through boilers

May 21, 2024
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc.

MIURA CO., LTD. (President, CEO & CTO: Tsuyoshi Yoneda; hereinafter "MIURA CO.") and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President & Director: Kingo Hayashi; hereinafter "Chubu Electric Power") have entered into a joint research agreement (hereinafter "the agreement") for the development of a small once-through boiler for co-firing city gas and ammonia (hereinafter "ammonia co-firing boiler").
The two companies and Chubu Electric Power Miraiz Co., Inc. (President: Yasunori Kamiya, hereinafter "Miraiz") have also agreed to proceed with studies toward commercialization and marketing of ammonia co-firing boiler.

Industrial boilers used mainly in factories today are fueled primarily by heavy oil and gas, and are required to switch to fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia, which do not emit CO2 during combustion, in order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Among these fuels, ammonia is expected to be a decarbonized energy source that can be implemented in society on an early stage, since its transportation and storage technologies have been well established. However, further technological innovation is still required for the use of ammonia as a fuel, due to its difficulty in stable combustion at high temperatures and the need to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted during combustion.

Based on the agreement, MIURA CO. and Chubu Electric Power will work on the development of a co-firing burner of city gas and ammonia and combustion tests using an experimental facility to be installed in Engineering Research & Development Division of Chubu Electric Power (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture). Furthermore, with the addition of Miraiz, the three companies will conduct market research and study product specifications, etc. for ammonia co-firing boilers with the aim of commercializing the product as soon as possible.

The three companies will contribute to the realization of a carbon neutral society by supporting customers' decarbonization efforts through decarbonization solutions for heat utilization processes in the industrial sector.

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