Press Release

Press Release

Chubu Electric and EDF Trading Expand the Coal Partnership

March 09, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Today Chubu Electric reached agreement with Électricité de France (EDF) subsidiary EDF Trading Limited (EDFT, head office London, Chief Executive John Rittenhouse) to expand the partnership in coal procurement and trading, with the primary objective to enhance the coal procurement for Hekinan Thermal Power Station.

Currently, Chubu Electric procures coals through its own direct contracts with sellers or through the contracts with Chubu Energy Trading, Inc. Chubu Energy Trading is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chubu Electric engaged in coal trading businesses under the current partnership between Chubu Electric and EDF Trading.  Under the new expanded partnership, Chubu Electric will appoint Chubu Energy Trading as the agent of its own coal and freight contracts, which will have Chubu Energy Trading undertake all the operational matters related to the contracts. Chubu Energy Trading will, therefore, be the Chubu Electric's exclusive face to the market in charge of Chubu's entire coal portfolio from April 2010.

By applying Chubu Energy Trading's sophisticated risk management capability to Chubu's entire coal procurement, Chubu Electric will enhance the ability to procure fuel from international energy markets and be in a stronger position than ever to supply a stable and inexpensive flow of electric energy.



1. Summary


2. Overview of EDFT

(1) Head of Office:


(2) Chief Executive:

John Rittenhouse

(3) Business Areas:

Energy Trading(coal, natural gas, power, carbon credits, etc.)

(4) Investment stake:

EDF 100% owned


3. Overviw of Chubu Energy Trading, Incorporated

(1)Head of Office:

1, Higashi-Shincho, Nagoya, Aichi


Katsuji Noda (Managing Executive Officer of Chubu Electric and Senior General Manager of Fuels Department)

(3) Business Areas:

Fuel Trading

(4)Investment Stake

Chubu Electric 100% owned

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