Press Release

Press Release

Field Test on Remote Meter Reading Using a New Type of Electricity Meter

May 28, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric has consistently researched and examined technical specifications for a new type of electricity meter equipped with a communication function (hereinafter, "new meter"). Based on the results of those studies acquired to date, we will be launching a field test over a period of one year beginning in April 2011. A total of some 1,500 new meters will be installed in homes located in a designated area of Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture to test the remote meter-reading function* and other functions of the new meter, as described below.

We are confident that introduction of the new meter will enhance customer services and increase operational efficiency. We also believe it will promote efficient utilization of energy and thereby contribute to a low-carbon society.

Based on the results of the field test, we will further our research and development of the new meter and explore its commercial viability.

* Remote meter-reading function: The function of transmitting meter readings from the new meter to a server via a relay unit.

[Overview of the Field Test]

Verification of the remote meter-reading function

The accurate transmission of meter readings and other information on customer electricity usage is essential to remote metering. Therefore, the communication function of the new meter will be examined under various building and environment conditions.

Verification of the "visualization" effects of electricity usage

Information on customer electricity usage obtained through remote meter reading will be fed back to our customers in detail (visualization of electricity use) via the Internet. Then, a questionnaire will be implemented to survey the effects of that information in changing electricity usage patterns and to ascertain the types of information that would be beneficial to promoting efficient usage of electricity among our customers.


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