Press Release

Press Release

First Port Call in Japan by "Q-Max" Vessel, World's Largest LNG Tanker Class

July 13, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power today received a port call from a "Q-Max" vessel, a large LNG tanker with 260,000 m3 of capacity, at the Chita LNG Terminal (Chita City, Aichi Prefecture).

The name "Q-Max" refers to the world's largest class of LNG tankers used to export LNG from Qatar, and this visit was the first port call by a vessel of this class to Japan.

The LNG tanker berthing today (named the Mozah and owned by Nakilat) set sail on June 19 (Japan time) from the Port of Ras Laffan in Qatar and arrived in Japan after a voyage of 24 days.

As new LNG tankers get larger, Chubu Electric Power has responded by reinforcing its fuel receiving facilities. In the last fiscal year, the Chita LNG Terminal receiving dock underwent reinforcement to allow large LNG tankers to berth there. This allows a Q-Max vessel, with approximately twice the capacity of conventional LNG tankers (138,000 m3 class), to berth at the terminal and will significantly enhance our fuel procurement stability and flexibility.

Chubu Electric Power will continue to work for stable and economical fuel procurement and step up our ability to procure fuel on international markets to ensure a stable supply of electric power.



Overview of "Q-Max"

"Q-Max"(the Q stands for Qatar) is the world's largest class of LNG tanker with 260,000 m3 of capacity.


260,000 m3 (Q-Max)

138,000 m3 (conventional tanker)

Length (m)



Width (m)



Molded depth (m)



Draft (m)*



Dead weight (t)*



Maximum LNG carrying capacity (t)

Approx. 117,000

Approx. 62,000

*When fully loaded

Image of Mozah, which berthed at Chita LNG Terminal

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