Press Release

Press Release

Chubu Electric Commissioned to Participate in Rural Electrification Capacity-building Project in Zambia

July 23, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric has been commissioned by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to participate in a rural electrification capacity-building project in Zambia.

JICA prioritizes aid to Africa, seeking to reduce poverty and realize peace through economic growth. As part of this process, this project intends to assist in increasing the project-readiness of the government department responsible for rural electrification in Zambia. The project is scheduled to run for the 33-month period until March 2013. Chubu Electric will proceed with the project by dispatching personnel to Zambia and conducting technology transfers with the abovementioned government department.

Overseas consulting projects are an important part of Chubu Electric Power's overseas energy business, and as such we expect they will synergize with our domestic and overseas energy businesses. We will undertake such projects with the goal of making an international contribution.

Outline of project

1 Project area: Throughout Zambia

2 Project period: July 2010-March 2013

3 Project overview

The project will focus mainly on the transfer of technologies essential to:

  • Formulation of regional electrification plans
  • Design and supervision of work for extension of power transmission lines and development of small-scale hydroelectric generation facilities
  • Formulation of plans for diffusion of solar power generation systems and environmental coordination

4 Project background

Seeking to build a stable and balanced economic foundation and reduce poverty, Zambia is attempting to enhance its electricity supply network as a basic infrastructure. As part of this plan, the nation is making the achievement of increased access to electricity supply its highest priority, and is striving to increase its rural electrification rate from the present 3.1% to 51% and its urban electrification rate from the present 47% to 90% by 2030. However, the government department responsible for these initiatives does not possess sufficient knowledge or experience in the implementation of these types of projects, and it is presently difficult for the nation to efficiently mount projects in this area.

Given this, the government of Zambia requested the Japanese government for the provision of technological cooperation to build the capacity of the department responsible for electrification. This project is therefore being introduced to enhance the ability of the Zambian government to complete electrification projects.


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