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Press Release

The release of the "2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report"

July 30, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric today issued its "2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report," detailing initiatives undertaken by the company mainly in FY2009 to fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR).


The CSR Report is published in order to provide details of CSR initiatives undertaken throughout the Chubu Electric Group, their outcomes, and our future plans to all of our stakeholders.


Chubu Electric began publishing Annual Environmental Reports focusing on our environmental initiatives in FY1994. In FY2006, we changed the name of the report to the "CSR Report," introducing details of the company's social and economic activities in addition to its environmental initiatives. The CSR Report deals with company initiatives undertaken with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.In FY2008, the report was expanded to cover the entire Chubu Electric Group, and now provides details of unified, centralized Group-wide CSR activities.


This special feature ("Highlights") takes up four themes in order to look at initiatives that are important to the Chubu Electric Group and in which our stakeholders have a particular interest.

Special feature (Highlights)

  1. Initiatives related to Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, seeking to ensure a stable supply of electricity and prevent global warming
  2. Damage caused by Typhoon No. 18 and efforts towards recovery, seeking to reconnect the electricity supply as quickly as possible
  3. Protecting biological diversity, seeking to ensure the continuation of life from the past to the future
  4. The "Kizuna Net" school communications network, seeking to use IT to ensure the safety and security of children


Chubu Electric's CO2 emission intensity in FY2009 was 0.417 kg-CO2/kWh, a reduction of 10.2% against figures for FY1990. This represents emissions of 51.17 million tons of CO2. Our environmental initiatives and our achievements in terms of environmental indicators are discussed in the environmental chapter of the CSR Report.


The Chubu Electric Group will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by responding to the expectations of its stakeholders in a spirit of good faith and maintaining accountability through appropriate disclosure of information, striving to be a corporate group that is trusted as a partner.

The English edition of the 2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report is scheduled for publication at the end of September.

Attachment : Overview of "2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report"



Overview of "2010 Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report"

  1. CSR in the Chubu Electric Group

  2. The Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, the Group's philosophy, expresses a message to our stakeholders concerning integrated and unified Group CSR initiatives.

  3. Highlights

  4. "Highlights of 2010" looks at the following four special topics:
    • Initiatives related to Nuclear Power Station

    • The Suruga Bay earthquake, equipment replacement plans, etc.
    • Damage caused by Typhoon No. 18 and efforts towards recovery

    • Damage caused by Typhoon No. 18 in October 2009, and efforts towards recovery
    • Protecting Biological Diversity

    • Protection of landing zones for migratory swans along the Joetsu Thermal Power lines, development of technologies for study of behavior of freshwater fish, etc.

      *This section reports on Chubu Electric initiatives to protect biological diversity, a topic of particular interest with the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP10) being held in Aichi Prefecture in October of this year

    • The "Kizuna Net" school communications network

    • Provision of IT-based services to ensure safety and security in the region

  5. Safe and Stable Supply of Energy

  6. At Chubu Electric, we consider it our primary responsibility to provide our customers with a safe, stable and affordable supply of high-quality energy.
    This section discusses our initiatives as a total energy services group that operates gas, LNG, and onsite energy businesses in addition to our main electricity business, and also introduces the thoughts of employees of the Chubu Electric Group.

  7. Management and Economic Performance

  8. This section discusses items related to our management framework, including "Management Goals," "Corporate Governance," and "Compliance." The section "CSR Promotion" presents a list of our main initiatives in each relevant field in FY2009 and our targets for FY2010.

  9. Environmental Performance

  10. In addition to offering a status report for FY2009 and a self-assessment concerning our Action Plan, which provides environmental targets based on the Chubu Electric Power Group Environmental Declaration, and discussing future initiatives, this section reports on Chubu Electric Group environmental initiatives.
    This section will focus on the prevention of global warming as a particularly important issue, and will provide a comprehensive overview of our initiatives in smart grid-related research and the promotion of renewable energies, in addition to mega-solar, wind power, and biomass power generation.

    <Reduction of CO2 Emissions>
    Although we were impacted by shutdowns at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station because of rising hydrogen concentrations in our off-gas system and the Suruga Bay earthquake, due to factors including our use of Kyoto mechanism credits, our CO2 emissions in FY2009 were 0.417 kg-CO2/kWh, a 10.2% reduction against figures for FY1990 (0.464 kg-CO2/kWh). We will continue to strive to meet our targets for reducing our CO2 emission intensity, actively increasing our utilization rate of nuclear powerplants with safety as our highest priority, introducing high-efficiency LNG thermal generators, conducting development programs for wind power generation, mega-solar electricity generation, and the use of other renewable energy sources, and making use of the Kyoto mechanisms.

    <CO2 emission intensity target>
    A 20% reduction in the average CO2 emission intensity against figures for FY1990 for the five-year period from FY2008-FY2012.

    <Development of Renewable Energy>
    This section discusses the progress we have made in our plans for the development of the Mega Solar Iida and Mega Solar Taketoyo projects, and other initiatives including the commencement of operation of Phase 1 of the Omaezaki Wind Power Station (6,000 kW).

    <Introduction of Electric Vehicles>
    In FY2009, we introduced 100 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles as commercial vehicles, and we plan to introduce another 100 in FY2010.

    <Partnerships in Environmental Communication>
    This section introduces our forest conservation program on land owned by the company, "Invitation to the Forest," which features the participation of the public, the provision of commemorative tree-planting certificates, cooperative programs with NPOs such as the Morino Chonai-kai (Forest Neighbourhood Association) to offer environmental classes and tree thinning promotion activities, in addition to other initiatives such as our support for agriculture and greenification in Qatar.

  11. Social Performance

  12. In this section we discuss Group initiatives for each type of stakeholder (customers, shareholders and investors, business partners, local communities, and employees).
    For our customers in particular, we introduce examples of improvements that we have made based on customer feedback, and details of activities undertaken by our e-Lifestyle information center "Design no Ma."
    For our employees, in addition to details of total working hours per person, days of paid vacation, and the number of employees taking childcare leave and nursing leave, we also look at the less positive side of things and provide information on the number of work-related accidents that have occurred.

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