Press Release

Press Release

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Reactor No. 4 Resumes Power Generation

February 07, 2011
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

This is to report that Chubu Electric Power resumed generation of electricity by Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Reactor No. 4 at 04:29 on February 07, 2011.

During power adjustments, output will be gradually ramped up and equipment inspection and tests performed using steam generated by the reactor. Upon finishing these inspections and tests, the reactor will undergo one final inspection, the General Load Performance Inspection by the government of Japan.

In the event that any irregularities occur during power adjustments, Chubu Electric Power will perform whatever repairs are necessary. It may also be necessary to shut down the reactor again depending on the repair procedures involved.

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Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Reactor No. 4 has been started up at 14:37 on February 04, 2011, and adjustment operations have begun.

(Reported on February 04, 2011.)

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