Press Release

Press Release

"Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report 2011" Released

August 24, 2011
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

This is to announce that Chubu Electric Power today released "Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Report 2011," which covers the Chubu Electric Power Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, primarily during FY2010.

The publication is a report to our stakeholders on Group CSR initiatives and results as well as future plans.

This year's edition has five "Highlights" sections focusing on issues of particular interest to our stakeholders and concerning initiatives that are critical to the Chubu Electric Power Group.


1. Supply-Demand Measures to Accompany the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Shutdown

2. Tsunami Countermeasures at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station

3. Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2030

4. Promoting Renewable Energy Power Generation

5. Summary of Unauthorized Construction and Related Activities at the Azuri Hydroelectric Power Station and Actions Taken in Response


URL of CSR Report 2011 on Chubu Electric Power web site: Chubu Electric Power Group Report (Integrated Report) / Annual Report

The Chubu Electric Group will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibility by responding to the expectations of its stakeholders in a spirit of good faith and by maintaining accountability through appropriate disclosure of information, striving to be a corporate group that is trusted as a partner.

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