Press Release

Press Release

Results of Follow-up Study to Check for Possible Errors in Reports, Etc. on "Urgent Safety Measures at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station"

January 20, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

On April 20, 2011, Chubu Electric Power sent the government of Japan a report entitled "Urgent Safety Measures at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station." Because errors have been found in that report, we subsequently compiled other reports summarizing results of our study on this occurrence and submitted them to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA).

Later, after NISA checked the study results reports, it issued instructions* to Chubu Electric Power to perform a more thorough study, etc. and to report the results.

This is to announce that Chubu Electric Power, in line with NISA's instructions, has compiled the results of our follow-up study on whether there are errors and reported the results to NISA today.


1. Content of NISA instructions (overview)

NISA is currently confirming and evaluating the content of Chubu Electric Power's reports of the results of its study on whether there are errors in the report on urgent safety measures, etc., but within the range of the reports confirmed so far, there are portions that do not appear to have been adequately studied using the study framework and methods listed in the study results report.

Therefore, a new, more thorough study, etc. must be performed using the study framework and methods listed in the study results report, and the results must be reported to NISA.


2. Report content (overview)

Within the scope of the study that NISA instructed Chubu Electric Power to conduct, we performed a new study on four reports we submitted, finding that besides the three errors reported in the previous study, there were six additional errors.

Chubu Electric Power evaluated the impact of the three previously reported errors and the six newly discovered ones, finding that none of them impact the evaluation of our urgent safety measures and that they present no problems in the urgent safety measures, etc. that we are taking.

Taking into consideration that the previous and current studies found report errors, Chubu Electric Power has analyzed the causes of the errors and established recurrence prevention measures.

Going forward, we will make every effort to faithfully implement these newly established recurrence prevention measures to ensure that such errors do not reoccur.

*The instructions, issued by NISA on October 26, 2011, are entitled "Concerning Follow-up Study on Possible Errors in Urgent Safety Measures Reports (Instructions)" (NISA No. 2; October 25, 2011).


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