Press Release

Press Release

Measures to Strengthen Our Nuclear Power Research Initiative

May 31, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Our company has determined on the following measures to strengthen our nuclear power research initiative. Our aims include further heightening the safety of nuclear power.

1. Basic Policy on Strengthening the Initiative

Our research on nuclear power to date has mainly been conducted in the form of joint research with other electric power companies and research commissioned to manufacturers. Going forward, we have decided that Chubu Electric Power should take the central role in research that makes effective use of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station as a site, and that accurately reflects real local needs. Our purpose is to take into account the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and work to contribute to further improving both the safety and operation of nuclear power stations. We shall also engage in the research needed to safely utilize nuclear power as an energy source into the future.

In order to seek guidance and advice on these areas of nuclear power research, we plan to invite experts in nuclear power, earthquakes, tsunami, and disaster prevention to serve as research advisers.

We intend to leverage these initiatives to develop the human resources required to take the responsibility for nuclear power in the times ahead.

2. Main Research Topics to be Addressed at Present

(1) Research contributing to the heightened safety of nuclear power stations

We will engage in research on steps for the prevention of malfunctions in equipment and facilities, and research to apply earthquake, tsunami, and other measurement data and information to power station operation and management.

(2) Research contributing to improvement of the operation (decommissioning) of Reactors No. 1 and 2

We will engage in research on steps for safe and smooth implementation of decommissioning.

(3) Research contributing to improvement of the operation (maintenance and operability) of Reactors No. 3, 4, 5

We will engage in research on steps to improve the maintenance and operability of equipment and facilities.

(4) Research contributing to the technology of the future

We will promote research contributing to technical development relating to new reactor types and next-generation nuclear fuel cycles.

3. The Research Procedure

(1) Establish the Nuclear Power Safety Technology Research Center, Research & Development Division

Our research on nuclear power to date has been pursued by the Nuclear Power Research Team at the Electric Power Research & Development Center of the Research & Development Division. Our measures to strengthen nuclear power research will include the establishment of a new Nuclear Power Safety Technology Research Center that specializes in nuclear power research. We will locate this research center within the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station in order to make effective use of the actual field, and in order to pursue research in close coordination with the field.

(2) Implementation of research in collaboration with universities, research centers, and other such institutions

We will promote research that seeks even closer collaboration with universities and research institutions in order to achieve more fully realized research results through technical and other exchanges among researchers.

We undertake these initiatives in addition to the joint research and commissioned research conducted to date by engaging in research by public call for proposals, seeking even greater collaboration than before. Research by public call for proposals will involve issuing wide public calls for research to heighten the safety of nuclear power, research to contribute to the technology of the future, and other such research. We plan to initiate the research in FY2013, and will inform you in greater detail when the particulars have been decided.

Chubu Electric is committed to continuing with the implementation of measures relating to the safety of nuclear power, as we have been to date. We will engage in an all-out effort to make this research contribute to the confidence of local communities and of society at large.



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