Press Release

Press Release

New Initiatives for Meeting Electric Power Demand This Summer

June 26, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

This is to announce that Chubu Electric Power has decided to implement two new initiatives for meeting electric power demand this summer: "curbing demand with aggregators*" and "supply and demand contracts to curb demand when another power company has supply shortages (notification and adjustment contracts)."

*Aggregator: A business that remotely controls customers' equipment (including electric power facilities) and manages the curbing of demand from multiple customers

1. Curbing demand with aggregators

Chubu Electric Power will be working with aggregators on an experimental basis to try to curb demand this summer from customers with sub-500 kW high-voltage service. We concluded agreements today with two companies: Chubu Electrical Safety Services Foundation (Director: Takaaki Tanaka; Location: 3-19-12 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) and Eos Energy Management Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Masayuki Tsukawaki; Location: 1-1-15 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo).

At our request during supply shortages, these two businesses will curb electric power demand during peak hours (13:00- 16:00), for example by using remote controls to set demand controllers to low settings for customers who are subject to electric power control work.

2. Notification and adjustment contracts

Chubu Electric Power aims to increase wheeling and transmission volume on days when supplies are expected to be exceptionally short in the Kansai Electric Power service area. Thus we have decided to establish a new "notification and adjustment contract" as a new supply and demand contract menu option. Under this option, high-volume customers in the Chubu Electric Power service area would be asked to curb demand, such as by shutting down air conditioning and production lines.

We are presently holding contract talks with high-volume customers.

[Process flow diagram]

Process flow diagram

The initiatives were announced as an "Action Plan for New Peak Demand Cutting Measures" at the Energy and Environment Council. Chubu Electric Power will actively pursue these measures.

At Chubu Electric Power, providing a stable supply of electric power to our service area is one of our highest priorities, and we will undertake various initiatives to try to help ensure a stable supply of electric power in various parts of Western Japan as well, since serious supply shortages are expected there this summer.


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