Press Release

Press Release

Development of Deomeister, Hybrid Deodorizing System for Food Product Factories: - Saves Energy While Breaking down Heavily Concentrated Odors -

November 05, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power, working in collaboration with Toenec Corporation, Shinko Actec Co., Ltd. and Showa Ceramics Co., Ltd., has developed Deomeister, a hybrid deodorizing system that efficiently eliminates odors. Sales begin today from Toenec Corporation. 

Deodorization is an important issue for factories, public welfare and medical facilities and others that may face tougher environmental regulation in future or that simply wish to be good neighbors with their communities. For that reason there are many needs for high-performance deodorizing systems.

Odors are typically treated by combustion, but technologies like titania photocatalyst deodorization and zeolite honeycomb deodorization have been developed in recent years. Titania photocatalyst deodorization uses ultraviolet irradiation to turn atmospheric moisture into active oxygen, which has a powerful oxidation effect that breaks down harmful substances. Unlike combustion, there is no need to generate high temperatures, so energy consumption is minimized and the work environment is improved. However, there are still issues with treating heavily concentrated gases full of odors.

On the other hand, zeolite honeycomb deodorization temporarily adsorbs odors and gradually releases them over time. The technology levels out odors to low concentrations, but has not been able to completely break down those odors.

The newly developed product combines these two distinctive technologies. The system first adsorbs odors with a zeolite honeycomb, then gradually releases them to the photocatalyst, which breaks them down and renders them harmless. Because it can level out the odors reaching the photocatalyst, the system consumes little energy and can also treat highly concentrated odorous gases.

The newly developed product is an optimal solution for factories with odor concentrations that vary significantly by time of day, because it levels out odors. The developers hope to help meet the need for improved environmental performance, especially for customers in food product manufacturing, a field where factory operating status tends to vary between day and night.


Main features of the newly developed product:

(1) Reduces high concentrations of odors to ultra-low concentrations and achieves a high rate of odor elimination;

(2) Treats a wide range of odors, including those that are particularly well treated by zeolite honeycomb as well as those particularly well treated by photocatalyst; and

(3) The adsorption/release mechanism enables the filter to refresh while the system is operating, which extends filter life [patent pending].



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