Press Release

Press Release

Start of operations (February 08) and opening ceremony at Huaybong Wind Farm (Thailand)

February 12, 2013
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

February 08 saw the start of commercial operations at Huaybong Wind Farm (Thailand). This project was planned by Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. and our local partners Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL (hereinafter RATCH) (see note 1) and Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited (hereafter Aeolus) (see note 2) in 2011, and developed jointly with them. To mark the start of operations, an opening ceremony was held at the site today (February 12) in the presence of VIPs from the Thai government including Prime Minister Yingluck and Energy Minister Pongsak plus other parties involved in the project, neighborhood residents and several thousand local primary school children.

The wind farm occupies a site approximately of 37 km2 in Nakhon Ratchasima Province (about 260 km northeast of Bangkok). With 90 wind turbines for a total output of 207 MW, it is Southeast Asia's largest wind power generation facility.

This is Chubu Electric Power's first participation in a wind energy project outside Japan, and we attach special importance to this project as part of our efforts to protect the global environment.  

During the phase of development work on the facility, Chubu Electric Power promoted safety awareness, regularly sent technical experts to the site, and provided assistance in the technical, managerial and other aspects of the project. With operations now under way, we intend to continue working with our partners to ensure the smooth running of the project.

As the Southeast Asia region, especially Thailand, develops economically, we expect demand for electric power to increase, and we aim to boost revenues in the future by continuing to make full use of our management resources in the development of overseas projects.

Note 1: Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL
A major private electric power generating company in Thailand. RATCH is a holding company in which EGAT owns a 45% stake. RATCH is a joint investor with Chubu Electric Power in the Ratchaburi natural gas thermal power generation project (in which RATCH owns a 25% stake).

Note 2: Aeolus Power (Wind-Energy) Limited
A holding company invested in by Thai civil engineering company DEMCO PLC and developer Wind Energy Holding Co., Ltd.



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