Press Release

Press Release

Mega Solar Power Generation Plants in Thailand All Start Commercial Operation

June 21, 2013
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power is participating in a mega solar power generation plant development and operation project at a total of six locations (contract capacity 30.9 MW) in Thailand. (This was previously announced on February 26, 2013.)

Construction of the Srichula Power Station was completed today, and commercial operation has begun. With this, all the mega solar power generation plants that Chubu Electric Power has been working on jointly with the Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited (GUNKUL)* at six locations in Thailand have entered operation.

For Chubu Electric Power, Thailand is positioned as a base in the Asia region. We took part in our first overseas investment project there in 2001, and since then we have participated in a gas-fired thermal IPP project, a rice-husk power generation project, a wind power generation project, and other such activities. We also consider our pursuit of wind power, solar power, rice-husk power, and other similar kinds of renewable power generation in Thailand to be a way of contributing further to global environmental protection activities in that country.

To ensure sustainable growth in the future, we aim to increase revenues by making use of our managerial resources and advancing overseas businesses. We will additionally aim to strengthen the foundation of our business by enhancing our technological expertise and brand strength through our overseas businesses to further enhance our domestic energy services.

*Gunkul Engineering Public Company Limited
An electrical equipment manufacturing and sales enterprise that manufactures and sells power transmission and distribution and transforming equipment in Thailand. It was established in 1982 and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2010.


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