Press Release

Press Release

Completion of Joint Facilities Construction for the Trans-Ise Bay Gas Pipeline

September 20, 2013
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Toho Gas Co., Ltd.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President & Director: Akihisa Mizuno; hereinafter, Chubu Electric Power) and Toho Gas Co., Ltd. (President: Koichi Yasui; hereinafter, Toho Gas) had been jointly carrying out facilities construction for the Trans-Ise Bay Gas Pipeline, which crosses under the seabed of Ise Bay with a shield tunnel,*1 since April 2008 (Press released December 22, 2006), and the construction was recently completed.

The pipeline will connect Chubu Electric's Kawagoe Thermal Power Plant and Toho Gas Co., Ltd.'s Yokkaichi Works with the ChitaLNG Thermal the two companies jointly operate. This connection will create a backup for these facilities and enable flexible and efficient operations. For Chubu Electric Power, the pipeline is meant to enhance fuel supply reliability to the thermal power station, which runs on natural gas, and for Toho Gas it will improve the stability of city gas supplies.

In the future, both companies will stably deliver the energy that is indispensable for daily life, thereby contributing to the development of society.

*1 Definition of shield tunnel:
A shield tunnel refers to a tunnel formed using a shield construction technique.
This is a technique in which a shield machine (a cylindrical steel ground-boring machine) is used to bore through the earth while the ground is prevented from caving in; inside the shield machine, lining plates (known as segments) are continuously assembled to form a tunnel. This safe and practical technique has become widely used in recent years, for tunnels in urban areas for subway systems, water and sewer services, gas, telecommunications and electric power, and for tunneling under the sea floor.

1. Overview


2. Specifications


 Design pressure

Width(nominal diameter)

Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc. gas pipeline


700 mm

Toho Gas Co., Ltd. gas pipeline


600 mm


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