Press Release

Press Release

Approval for electricity rates increase

April 18, 2014
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power applied with the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry on October 29, 2013 to increase the electricity rates at an average of 4.95% to customers in the regulated sector. Upon review from the government, today we obtained an approval with the implementation scheduled for May 01, and the markup percentage at an average of 3.77%.

On receiving the approval, we have reviewed our provisions on optional supply and transportation service, as well as other items, and reported accordingly to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry today.

For customers in the deregulated sector, we have been inquiring electricity rate increases averaging 8.44% from this April. Based on the approval, however, we are revising the increase to an average of 7.21%.

We regret the inconvenience that the electricity rate increase is causing to our customers, and ask for their continued understanding.

Chubu Electric Power will offer detailed explanations on the new rate and contract contents, and continue its all-out efforts for thorough efficiency and customer service improvement.

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