Press Release

Press Release

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Units No. 1 and 2 Application for Approval of Changes to the Decommissioning Plan

March 16, 2015
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

This is to announce that today, Chubu Electric Power submitted an application for approval of changes to the "Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Units No. 1 and 2 Decommissioning Plan" (hereinafter "Decommissioning Plan") to the Nuclear Regulation Authority in keeping with the stipulations of Article 43, Paragraph 3-3-33, of the Act on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors.

On the basis of the decommissioning plan which was submitted to the national government on June 01, 2009 and approved on November 18 of the same year, Chubu Electric has proceeded with fuel unloading, system decontamination, and surveys on the radioactivity status (surveys of contamination status) in the first stage of the decommissioning process (Period of Preparation for Dismantling Work).

As the fuel unloading from Units No. 1 and 2 has all been completed thus far and the system decontamination and the surveys on the contamination status in the first stage have almost been completed, Chubu Electric filed an application for the approval of changes to the decommissioning plan in order to migrate to the dismantling and removal of reactor zone peripheral equipment in the second stage of decommissioning.

During Stage 2, Chubu Electric will begin the dismantling of equipment surround the reactor, such as the exhaust stack and turbine which was considered as a permanent measure, and will continue to conduct decontamination of reactor pressure vessel and surveys on the contamination status.

Chubu Electric will recycle the dismantled components that are generated during Stage 2 as much as possible, and will safely store radioactive wastes within the Unit No. 1 and No. 2 buildings until a disposal method is determined.

With the utmost priority on safety, Chubu Electric will steadily proceed with decommissioning of Units No. 1 and 2 by ensuring transparency.

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