Press Release

Press Release

Starting an Overseas Energy-Saving Support Service

June 02, 2015
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power is proud to announce its launch of a new energy-saving service. This is intended for overseas factories and offices ("overseas business sites") of customers that have electricity supply-and-demand contracts in place with Chubu Electric Power, and also is a first-ever attempt for an electric utility. Amid the shift towards an increasingly competitive environment, we will offer overseas energy-saving support services in addition to domestic energy solutions service activities to respond to the requests of our globally active customers, and thereby make efforts to be a top-choice utility for customers.

Chubu Electric Power's previous energy solutions activities

We have been receiving requests mainly from customers in production or retail businesses asking for Chubu Electric Power to propose measures that will enable further efficient use of electricity as well as technical measures to achieve better working environments. In response to these requests, our employees have been conducting field surveys at our customers' factories and outlets to proactively carry out energy solutions activities in which we made use of the survey results to offer proposals.

Chubu Electric Power has been offering proposals that cater to customer needs and their budgets. This includes changes on the routine operations for used equipment, ranging from settings on the equipment employed or reviewing the time for startups, or taking a large step into the production processes to perform "integrated development solutions services" as efforts to scale up productivity and save energy by jointly developing new technologies with customers.

The new overseas energy-saving support service

In the course of carrying forward our energy solutions activities, we recently have been receiving requests from customers on energy-saving at overseas business sites. By harnessing our energy-saving know-how and human resources fostered thus far within Japan, Chubu Electric Power considered that we can help render our customers' overseas business sites energy-efficient. Hence we decided to launch a new overseas energy-saving support service.

Our overseas energy-saving support service will emphasize field surveys in a similar manner as domestic energy solutions activities. Chubu Electric Power employees will be sent to customers' overseas business sites to engage in facility surveys and data measurements, and based on the survey results, we plan to deliver energy-saving proposals to our customers.

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