Press Release

Press Release

New initiatives directed toward the full deregulation of electric power

September 29, 2015
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

With respect to the full deregulation of electric power starting in April next year, Chubu Electric Power will survive by expanding its revenue by moving forward with the expansion of business areas.

Since a tough competitive situation is assumed, Chubu Electric Power believes that it is important to develop and provide its unique service ahead of the competitors by increasing contact opportunities with customers and people outside the company.

For initiatives to expand business areas, Chubu Electric Power will continue to deploy "New services for customers using the company's electricity," "Business expansion in the Tokyo metropolitan area," and "Entry into gas sales for household use (gas & power)," as the three pillars of its sales strategy.

Of these three pillars, Chubu Electric Power would like to make an announcement this time regarding the "New services for customers using the company's electricity."

1 New Service Details

Chubu Electric Power will provide services to satisfy its customers and connect expectations that we received through various contact points with service, such as "KatEne," the web member services for home customers, and "BizEne," the web member services for corporate customers.

With regards to service development, Chubu Electric Power will aim for higher-quality service through cooperation with partner companies in various industries and business categories, while enhancing service contents by continuing to strengthen its contact points with customers.

(1) Three axes for providing the new service

Develop and provide new services in line with the following three axes

  • "New Value"...Proposals for new value and benefits that have never been experienced thus far in the lives and business scene of our customers
  • "Region"...Provision of services rooted to the region, such as services related to the transmission of information, safety and security in the areas our customers live in
  • "Helpful"...Provision of services to support the resolution of challenges and worries in life and business

(2) Service details for each individual customer

[Household customers]
Provide added value in the lives of our customers as a "life coordinator"

  • Appropriation of KatEne points to electricity charges (for the free rate menu), expansion of business partners
  • Helpful energy saving mail
  • Service to help watch-over etc.

[Business customers]
Provision of added value for solving the problems of customers in business

  • Help service for attracting customers
  • Business consultation phone line
  • Accounting help services
  • Assumed monthly usage mail etc.


So as to have the company's initiatives widely known, the "CHUBU DENRYOKU HAJIMERU BU" was established as a department with the special mission of promotion. The department will convey information clearly through TV commercials and the website, in the form of starting new services "for the first time."

3 Future development

For electric rates, Chubu Electric Power is considering new rate menus from a variety of perspectives, such as use of electricity tailored to the lifestyle and needs of customers.

With regards to "Business expansion in the Tokyo metropolitan area," and "Entry into gas sales for household use (gas & power)" being currently evaluated, details will be announced once compiled.


Chubu Electric Power will continue to firmly grasp the needs of its customers, provide service that exceeds expectations, endeavor to serve the public interest with "a long-term, stable supply of safe and affordable energy" at an even higher level, and achieve further growth.

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