Press Release

Press Release

New Rate Menus in the Chubu Electric Power Area for the Full Retail Deregulation of Electric Power

January 12, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power today arranged new rate menus, which will apply to Chubu Electric Power area customers amongst low-voltage electricity users who will newly be subject to the deregulation of electric power from April 2016.

We have freshly arranged eight rate menus to offer further satisfaction to customers that use Chubu Electric Power's electricity.

[The new rate menu's three features]

  • Menus that will be cost-effective through two year contracts
    Customers can use electricity in a cost-effective manner by signing two year contracts with Chubu Electric Power.
    "Point Plan," "Otoku Plan," "Toku-Toku Plan," "Biji-Toku Plan"
  • Cost-effective menus that combine electricity rates with services instrumental in business or lifestyles
    Customers can save costs by combining electricity with lifestyle/business-contributing services that offer never-before-seen values and benefits.
    "Kurashi-Support Set," "Shukyaku-Otetsudai Set," "Kaikei-Otetsudai Set"
  • Menus that allow customers select optimal time slots to match their lifestyles
    Customers can select cost-effective nighttime slots from three patterns, including morning or night types, to match your lifestyles.
    "Smart Life Plan"     

Chubu Electric Power will continue to develop rate menus that reflect customer needs, and work to scale up and diversify our services in an effort to meet customer expectations.

Matters regarding business expansion in the Tokyo metropolitan area will be announced after we finalize particulars including new rate menus for the region.

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