Press Release

Press Release

Start of Commercial Operation of Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant in Thailand

March 29, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant (generation capacity: 120 MW), one of the cogeneration projects in Thailand's Industrial Estates that Chubu Electric Power participated in 2011 (announced on April 26, 2011) and has jointly been developing with local partners, started its commercial operation today.

The Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant is located in the Lat Krabang Industrial Estate (approximately 30 km east of Bangkok). Under the SPP Program*, the power plant whole-sales electricity to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) under 25-year electric power purchase agreement and directly sells electricity and steam to customers in the industrial estate.

Chubu Electric Power is also promoting the development of the other cogeneration power plant (generation capacity: 240 MW) under this project in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate (approximately 30 km southeast of Bangkok).

In July this year, Chubu Electric Power's overseas power generation business including these projects will be integrated into JERA Co., Inc., a company Chubu Electric Power jointly established with Tokyo Electric Power.
Through JERA, Chubu Electric Power will expand the size and the areas/countries of the business, reinforce the value chain, and thereby accomplish internationally competitive energy supplies and enhance the corporate value.

*SPP Program (Small Power Producers Program)
A program under which EGAT makes a long-term guarantee to purchase electric power at a preferential price from small-scale cogeneration projects that meet certain conditions for generating efficiency, etc.

Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant

A picture of Lat Krabang Cogeneration Power Plant


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