Press Release

Press Release

Commercial Operation Begins at Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station Unit 1

March 23, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Given that an equipment deficiency was identified during last May's test operations, the start of operation for the Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station Unit 1 had been behind schedule; however, with the cause being determined and countermeasures completed, Chubu Electric Power would like to announce that the Unit has been arranged to commence commercial operation from tomorrow, the 24th.

The deficiency was a result of temperatures rising to beyond-expectation levels, which was caused by a minute projection that formulated on a part of the generator's rotating shaft during the production process. This projection came into contact with a fixed part that houses the shaft and makes it slide, and thereby produced excessive frictional heat.

After conducting measures to eliminate the projection, Chubu Electric Company confirmed in test operations that the Unit was performing normally.

The Company wishes to apologize anew for the inconvenience and concerns that this deficiency had caused to many parties.

By combining Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station Unit 2 that started commercial operation in May 2014, the entire station's maximum power would add up to 161,900 kW. Besides Chubu Electric Power's pumped storage power stations, this will make Tokuyama Station one of our largest general hydroelectric power stations.



Higashisugihara, Ibigawa Town, Ibi Area , Gifu Prefecture

Water System

Kisogawa River System, Ibi River

Maximum output (Note)

Unit 1:139,000kW、Unit 2:24,300kW
The total output during simultaneous operation amounts to 161,900 kW

Power generation system

Unit 1: Dam and conduit-type power, Unit 2: Dam-type power

Max. water consumption

Unit 1:82.38m3/s、Unit 2:18.97m3/s
The total maximum water consumption of Units 1 and 2 amount to 100.4 m3/s

Effective head

Unit 1:181.96m、Unit 2:145.71m

Start of power generation facilities work

October 26, 2009

start of commercial operation

Unit 1:March 24, 2016
Unit 2:May 15, 2014

(Note) We changed the maximum output from the original planning , based on the test run result.

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