Press Release

Press Release

Permanent Countermeasure Work Completed for the Fracture in Joetsu Thermal Power Station's Steam Turbine Moving Vane

June 23, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power would like to announce that today it completed its permanent countermeasure work for the fracture in the moving vane of Joetsu Thermal Power Station Unit 1-1's low-pressure steam turbine.

Following the fracture that occurred on April 9, 2013 in the low-pressure steam turbine of Joetsu Thermal Power Station Unit 1-1, Chubu Electric Power decided to replace the Station's turbines with new ones that are free from self-excited vibrations(Note)

Chubu Electric Power began countermeasure works for Unit 1-2 on October 17, 2015. This was followed by works for Units 1-1, 2-1, and 2-2, and all countermeasure works were completed today.

Joetsu Station managed to restore its original rated output, 595,000 kW, as a result of the countermeasure works.

Chubu Electric Power will continue to expend all possible efforts to manage the safety of its equipment and work to stably supply electric power to customers.

(Note) This is an event where small vibrations in the moving vane build up as a consequence of receiving steam-induced energy

[Overview of Joetsu Thermal Power Stations ]


2, Yachiho, Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture


Post-countermeasure rated output: 2,380,000 kW (595,000 kW×4 units)
Pre-countermeasure rated output:2,302,720kW (575,680kW×4 units)

Power generation method

Multi-shaft combined-cycle power generation method
(1,300°C class improved gas turbines)

Planned start of commercial operations

1-1unit  July 01, 2012   1-2unit  January 09, 2013
2-1unit  July 03, 2013    2-2unit   May 15, 2014

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