Press Release

Press Release

Commercial Operation Begins at Nyukawa Hydroelectric Power Station

June 29, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power would like to announce that Nyukawa Hydroelectric Power Station (Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture), which has been under construction since March 2015, started commercial operations today.

The new station is constructed directly below the Gifu Prefecture and Takayama City-owned Nyukawa Dam, and leverages regular water flow release from the dam as a means to generate electricity.

This is the second hydro-power plant, following Atagi Hydroelectric Power Station (Gujo City, Gifu Prefecture), that we developed at a dam run by Gifu Prefecture.

Hydroelectric power is one of the few energies fully produced within Japan, and is also a renewable energy source that boasts exceptional environmental characteristics. Chubu Electric Power will thus press ahead with the development of this power in a group-wide manner while continuing to pay due considerations to economic efficiency aspects.



Name of Station

Nyukawa Hydroelectric Power Station


Nyukawa Town, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture

Water System

Jintsuu River System,Araki River (A class River)


Nyukawa Dam (Managed by Gifu Prefecture and Takayama)

Maximum output

350kW (Note) (Scheduled)

Power generation system

dam-type power (regular water flow release)

Max. water consumption


Effective head


Projected annual electricity output

2,100 MWh
(equivalent to annual electricity output)

Start of power generation facilities work;

March 20, 2015

Start of commercial operation

June 29, 2016

(Note) The station today passed a River Act-based completion inspection conducted by Gifu Prefecture and started commercial operations accordingly; however, with reservoir levels of the dam being low at the moment, Chubu Electric Power has yet to verify the station's expected maximum output (i.e. 350 kW). We will confirm the maximum value at a later date when the water level increases.

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