Press Release

Press Release

Applying for Gas Retail Business Registration and Entering into the Gas Retail Business for Household Customers

September 13, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

In accordance with the Revised Gas Business Act, Chubu Electric Power today applied to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry to have its gas retail operations registered.

In 2001, harnessing its own pipelines, Chubu Electric Power launched a natural gas sales operation geared towards large factories. The company has since then been taking incremental steps to strengthen and expand its gas business (Gas/LNG sales results for FY2015: 970,000 tons) .

The initial target for Chubu Electric Power's household-oriented gas retail operation (see Note) will be customers that are using city gas in Toho Gas Co., Ltd. service areas.

Chubu Electric Power will develop a flawless safety system in an effort to enable customers to use gas safely, and with sights set towards accepting customers from January 2017, the company will work to arrange reasonable and readily understandable gas rate menus.

As a leading company that provides customers with better-than-expected services ahead of competitors, Chubu Electric Power is seeking to become a front-running total energy service corporation by entering into the newly deregulated, household customer-oriented gas retail business.

Note: Household-oriented gas retail operations will cover ordinary households, restaurants, and other customers whose annual gas usage amount is under 100,000 m3.

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